Tagging in Awards

Hey guys! Wondering if there are any active Wattpad awards/review shops participants here. If you enter any awards/review shop please tag me - would love to have some tagging partners and be more involved in the community again after a pretty long hiatus. Let me know if you’re interested in tagging each other :slight_smile:


I recently joined a few, I’ll drop the links below! You’re absolutely welcome to tag me in future awards too.

If anyone else here knows of any open awards, I’d love to know too :grin:

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Hey there,

Your thread looks like it’s better suited to #wacky-classifieds, so I’ve gone ahead and moved it there for you.

Mari :coolpineapple:

@DomiSotto is active in some of the clubs, so she would know them.
I think @MiniMoxx has some she’s in, too.
Clubs tend to have a word-of-mouth spread for competitions.

I tend to keep an eye on shorts because entering for a competition without a premade book is a lot more work than just churning out a page or two:

They say monthly prompts, but I find these are more quarterly:

This one just finished up a short prompt for the beginning of the year:

This one has a current one open:

And this group is backing the children’s ONC participants.

This has Feb 28 on their recent deadline:

And I remember being tagged for a bigger one about a week or so back…

Ah, Mace’s:

I hadn’t even tried to figure this one out, right now.


Sorry, I usually don’t participate in awards, focusing on clubs, ONC and Watty.

thank you so much!

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thank you so much for the list :slight_smile:

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I don’t mind being tagged in other rewards! Go ahead and tag me if you need to meet tag reqs for submissions. I know that requirement can be the hardest in these things. That goes for anyone!

My Wattpad Username is the same, ChanceChandler, so feel free to tag me in awards.

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Didn’t go on here for a long time, lol, sorry for the late reply! Thank you so much! You can tag me in awards too since I’m trying to find more to join in the meantime :smile:

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