Tell me about your OC's! I want to ask questions!

Tell me about the old ones, the new ones, the ones you haven’t even really figured out yet, the ones you have down pat. Tell me their associated songs, drawings you’ve done, books (that have or haven’t been written) that they’re in. The only rule is you gotta let me ask as many annoying questions as possible :sweat_smile: Just kidding, just kidding. But seriously, I want to hear all about them. Tell me everything!


Lol, I’ve got a world of characters in my head and most of them don’t spend a ton of time inside my head because I’m an out of sight, out of mind type.


do you realize what you’ve just unleashed?!?!?! :joy:

i have so many ocs I could talk about, the ones i’ve been working on for the last year are mostly spiritual or paranormal characters, which is funny cuz normally i hate writing those characters but i love these ones!

There are four MAIN main characters. Imma give you one line about each, then you pick one you wanna ask more about cuz no way am I putting all the details about each one in one post. It would be forever.

Asa: Angel, loyal friend and caring town guardian but develops some serious identity issues

Raoul: Archangel/Principality, superviosr of angel, wise mentor type but harbors some hidden regrets.

Leif: Demon, mischevious and hyper but also has repressed traumas

Paris: Demon, sassy and full of it, self-appointed mentor to Leif for totally not self-serving goals, and knows a lot less than he puts on

(I’ll add their moodboards in a little bit, Paris doesn’t have one yet lol)


Lurking :eyes:


I’ll just tell you the ones from my sequel that I’m writing! Their names are Ashwini and Manish. (I’ll be writing this in the prequel times) Ashwini is a spunky, sassy, sarcastic future medical student. Manish is a kind, gentle hearted, and slightly naive software engineer. They’ve been best friends since high school and when they met there, they grew close so fast and are inseparable. So when Manish gets a job offer that’ll lead him across country, Ashwini is at a loss of what to do.


I read this as “supervisor of angst” and got really concerned


lmao Angel don’t you have a little more respect for my works :joy: I may be into whump but I"m not that into it xD


I’ve got a male lizard that comes from a species that eventually becomes too large to walk upright, are highly logical creatures with psychic abilities, and one of his mutations of it is luck–which is why he comes across as impulsive as hell. Since he’s a new mutation, ahhhh… he’s a favorite of his specie’s ladies, but they’re clinical about it.

Eventually he will get too big for land and will live in the deep with the ancients or firstborns.

He has adopted humans that he works and lives with…

And for the life of me all I can remember beyond this is a really disturbing scene with a genetically modified human (she has a bulldog’s face), which was meant to crack up certain friends.

I need to find that dam thing. He’s freaking interesting to mentally visit.


Um, writing 13 stories ensures I have a cast of characters to fill up a school.

I guess my flagship character is Famine.

He’s?.. thinking hard. it takes a lot of brain power

Let’s go with physical attributes first.

  • Femboy-ish
  • Black hair and eyes
  • Attractive to the same sex, and maybe the opposite? :thinking:
  • Kind of runtish in figure, so on the skinny side.

Personality and other stuff

  • Lively and passionate, I guess
  • Favorite food is ganmodoki
  • His boyfriend is a Colonel
  • Close friend is a spider

:exploding_head: taps out from brain explosion


I…I want to be a part of this, but the mental brain power to organize is :exploding_head:.


Oh, man…

Midnight Indigo

Okay, just the highlights here.

Indigo “Ink” Starr: Ink (she/her) is the reluctant heir to the throne of Midnight’s Court—or she would be, if the queendom hadn’t fallen 200 years ago. At 15 years old, Ink is still learning how to control her illusion powers. She’s one of my many short chubby sword bisexual characters, and she’s obsessed with stick-n-poke tattoos and unravelling the mystery left for her by the Poppy Demon.

Lady Lavender (she/her): Psychic mid-thirties crisis character hopelessly addicted to a potion made of stars that boosts her psychic ability. She’s hopelessly in love with…

Tiana (she/her): An escapee from the Red Queendom who ended up in Sterling to start a new life. Now she runs a small pawn shop, is completely fed up with Ink shenanigans, and is starting to fall for Lady Lavender.

Jay: 300 years ago Jay (she/her) was killed when she was 16, and she’s been stuck as a ghost ever since. With Ink’s help, Jay is dedicated to figuring out who killed her and seeking revenge so she can finally move on to the afterlife.

Poppy: The Poppy Demon. The Lord of Dreams. The Guardian of Elythios. Poppy (they/them) has quite a few titles. They’re the god appointed to overlook the Zenith Cluster, a collection of universes that just so happens to include Ink’s. When worlds collide abruptly, Poppy finds everything thrown into chaos—and they’re fairly certain Ink is the only one who can help them fix everything.

Selene/Tiff series

Tiff: The main character in all of this. Tiff (no pronouns) is an aspiring recruit of the Empire’s elite military force and has been since early childhood thanks to parental influence. Unfortunately, blind devotion has made Tiff unable to see the many flaws in the system. Tiff is positively enamoured by Selene.

Selene: Selene (she/her) transfers into Tiff’s school a months before graduation. The small town unanimously decides to cast her out socially, but Selene doesn’t mind. She has Tiff, after all—and a broken government system to dismantle.

Ash: Ash (he/him) is Tiff’s best friend—no matter how much he wishes they were something more. And a friends with benefits situation with Tiff isn’t helping him get over it. Since his mom left he’s been stuck caring for his younger half-siblings, a chaotic set of triplets, and has turned to a life of crime to pay for them.

The Peculiar Case of Infinity Ambers

Infinity “Finney” Ambers: Infinity Ambers (any/all) was born on February 29th. And as everyone knows, kids born on February 29th are weird. So days after birth, Finney is taken to a Hub—24-hour loops spread across history that repeat February 29th until the loop is shut off. Finney is happy in his hub, until a mysterious stranger shows up and reveals the truth about their strange upbringing.

Theophania (Tiffany for short): Tiffany (she/her) was a Greek princess thousands of years ago before stumbling into a Hub. Since being recruited by an elite force determined to take down the Hubs, she’s spent millennia tracking down Hubs and doing her best to dismantle them—effectively wiping out countless innocents born on February 29th. After forming an unlikely partnership with Finney, they both realize that they’ve been lied to by those they thought they could trust.


My characters fall under these categories:-

  1. The competitive ones; who’d kill you if they had a chance (Katrin and Luise)
  2. The loud geek. (Markel)
  3. Dr Frankenstein (Dr Martha Scholl)
  4. That one cool uncle (Quin Sauer)
  5. The tough coach (surprise, surprise, it’s Coach Valour, who’s also a software dev)
  6. That one rich cousin (Elijah)
  7. An older brother/cool uncle v.2 figure (Jules Kassner)
  8. The “I have no idea what I’m doing” gang (The Chancellor & the education ministers)

Now, a character that tickles me to death is David Pearson.

I put him in 3 seperate half-finished werewolf romances and didn’t even notice until I was deep in the 3rd one.

He’s 4th in line to the Alpha in the 1st book (mid-20s), 3rd in line to another in the 2nd (30s-50s), and becomes a god in the 3rd (50s).

So, he’s a werewolf, right? Becoming a god, when he teleports he shifts to an antlered man, with a rack that gets stuck in walls so he has to snap them off (burning mass). Pisses him off because he’s a predator and he keeps popping up in different places as prey.

He’s (when pretending to be just human) a PI, but also works for the Omega Council (welfare agency with teeth to deal with abusive Alphas) when not doing his job as 3rd. As his son is near grown, he’s about to step down from the position of 3rd.

Oh, and the God type he becomes has a strong streak of Siren to it, so he can be seduction incarnate, but is rather disgusted by it, as he has a mate.



After RPing with both Paris and Leif I don’t think I’m too far off from the point :sob:


Please, come meet Lara. She eats human hearts for fun and manipulates reality for dinner. Wait… I think I meant that the other way around.


wait wait when did you RP with Paris? :eyes:

and it’s not ANGST it’s character driven plot drama :relieved:


and Lara isn’t agnsty or a wumper humph xD


I have over 80 books worth of characters. I don’t even know where to start :joy:


Isn’t he that wack mischievous demon who Lara tried to gang up on Leif with?


humph. Lara is the definition of angst. Just not always, just when she’s deprived of pretty ladies. :unamused: