Tell me all your titles, because why not?

there’s a few that i am unsure about, that i’m hoping i’ll be able to find when i’m at least halfway through writing it, i do think that some titles of mine are not set in stone because the story plot is unfinished, and there might be something halfway through that i decide is the main thing of the story and that the title should revolve around that. i feel like until i complete the project, i’m just using ‘stand-in’ titles, and that by the completion i’d have gathered exactly what to call the book because i’d have taken everything into consideration. some people work on a title first, story after basis, i work the opposite. it’s like when you start painting something, you don’t give it a name until it’s complete. that’s the beauty of art in my opinion. writing is like an art to me.

omg, ‘i don’t wanna be’ and ‘rescue you’ went through a few. previously, ‘i don’t wanna be’ was called ‘an unkindness of ravens’ but it turned out that a lot of one tree hill fanfictions had that title, so i changed it due to that reason. and ‘rescue you’ had previously been called ‘little girl gone’ which actually is still in the running for the final title. i just have to complete the project first before i decide which of them fits it the most. i hope inspiration is still alive by then!

i love those titles! definitely unique, i like the way it sounds - it actually sounds really mystical - the World of Elgana book titles. The Facade of Quad in Nimrod is actually pretty cool, i like the way it rhymes omg. it does convey a bit of a riddle kind of story but with obvious serious undertones. like something that’s fun but also involves serious consequences too, idk how to explain it.

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:sob: thank you. hey, the best fanfics are ones with the simplest of titles, in my opinion. at least with the ones i’ve branched up on wattpad and read.

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Glad you asked!

The protagonists are Lilian, a professor of dark magic at her kingdom’s university (one of the most renowned magic research institutes in their world, actually), and Aleksei, a magic-powered android who she met years prior (after being abandoned by his master for being “defective”), and have since become close friends.

The story’s still very early in its development, but it was inspired by a dream I had about a desert kingdom in a world with a purple night sky, a sun that looked like an eye, and in a place with ash-colored sand. The rest is being built from there!


The Knighthood Chronicles: A Quest of Bullets and Shield | Book 1

That is all I got.


That’s such a cool-sounding dream :open_mouth:


Have you ever had a stand-in title that stuck?

I have a story called The Rat Girl and it’s a temporary title, but idk, I kinda like it :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that’s a beautiful way of viewing writing :blush:

Thanks :grin:

The Facade of Quad in Nimrod is definitely that vibe :wink: It’s one of the few early NaNoWriMo books whose title I haven’t changed since first writing it.


Definitely an interesting duo :grin:

So, question, Aleksei is an android…does he have emotions? How human-like is he? I’m thinking of Data from Star Trek for comparison.


Any idea of how many books there will be in the series, or not yet?

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Nah, I am just trying to focus on this book and thing for Project Summoner.

Hopefully, I will know something when I finish the first draft of book 1 for Project Merellian.


That’s something I’ve been thinking about too… :thinking:
I picture him speaking in monotone most of the time, having a more logical and “robotic” personality. His appearance is very human-like, but his way of talking and thinking are more like a machine or computer. Still, he’s capable of developing emotions, and I imagine Lilian has influenced him in some way.


I have something like that in my current story. I actually have an entire race of them called Machinas.


So, is he made up of parts not just machine?

Do you know about the movie, Battle Angel Alita? Alita Battle Angel? or something like that… Alita is mostly android, but she has emotions and a human brain? …I can’t remember if they explained it at all. That movie had so many plot holes :sweat_smile:

So, Aleksei could still be robotic, but have something human about him that, if nurtured, can help him develop human emotions? Or emotions similar to a human? Maybe there’s some magic for that? Just a thought.

I also remembered some episode of Data getting some new programming or something and it allows him to feel emotions.

Idk how you can program emotions :stuck_out_tongue:


You should read the manga-yes, there is a manga, it was yet another hollywood adaptation of a beloved Japanese property…

I came up with One Bright Day in the Middle of the Night in reference to a favorite poem of mine.

Sometimes when people say android, they really mean cyborg…a human who was enhanced with robotics.

Hmm, I thought of him as being machine and magic :thinking:

Yep! I thought he could have some sort of “adaptive” programming where he can potentially develop emotions, but only if it would be beneficial or advantageous for his purpose (which originally was to be a butler, still gotta think about the reason why he was deemed defective)

That or have him develop emotions from interacting with Lilian over time