The Acknowledgements Page(s)

I have a couple of questions for those of you who are published and those who read.

  1. When you read a book, do you read the acknowledgments, or do you not read past the end of the last chapter?

  2. (This one goes to the writers): Why do modern books usually have acknowledgments, and how do you decide who to mention in the acknowledgments?

Thank you


I think the main thing is mentioning who might have helped you throughout your writing process. It’s more-so to thank whoever may have inspired you, or maybe whoever helped shape the novel to the way it is now - though I’ve also read a lot of books that don’t have this page.


I read those when I’m that interested in a book as to want to get what drives people AND when they are short. So, I try to keep mine brief and otherwise don’t think about it much.

But I have come across such things that were like someone won an award and won’t shut up. So, they are not all pleasent to sit through.


I started reading acknowledgements a while back - It feels like a glimpse into the author’s process and makes me feel closer to the author’s journey, somehow


No. :sweat_smile: it doesn’t really catch my attention enough for me to care. Oops.

i read it all babyey, title page verso, dedication, acknowledgements, about the author. it’s interesting information to have. Although i find the acknowledgements the least interesting and generally only skim them, especially the longer ones.

it’s good to acknowledge the people who helped you! who you acknowledge depends on who helped. Like, if you trad publish you can include your agent and the publishing team you worked with. Or you could include your writing group, if they gave you feedback and/or encouragment, or beta readers, or a friend who reminded u to drink some water instead of living off coffee. it’s really up to you and if you’re afraid to forget someone (like me) you can add in a catch-all

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I don’t really read them unless they’re at the end. I didnt make one for the book I’m getting published, and so far they haven’t asked me about it either. So I dont even know if I can make one unless I’d put it in the draft already, which I didnt XD
I’d love to make one though but if I dont get to, the people who I would acknowledge already know I’m thankful for their help :wink:

Decorations are generally shorter, to thank one specific person. Those, people tend to read more often than not.

where I live acknowledgements are sometimes the first page, so can’t really give up before them XD. I do read them if it’s not longer than 1 page or if I really care about them (which isn’t always the case).

I put the acknowledgement page at the very back, and use it to give credit to the cover artist, font creators, etc. even though I only use the kind that are free for commercial use and don’t require a credit…it just seems nice to credit them anyway.

As for reading other writers’ acknowledgement page, I only do if I really loved the book and am hoping for some info about the writer. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

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