The Atoner...

I tend to do that too sometimes.
I remember a trope where in a fictional setting some characters have common, everyday names while other have unique and uncommon named.

I think the trope is called “Aerith and Bob”.

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That’s about right.

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I think this is the most I’ve ever had this story prompt questions about the story just to answer a simple angle. lol

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Really? Is that a good thing?

Yeah. It means I’ve got something somewhat interesting going on. I don’t get so enthused that people want more of my story because of my personality, lmao. Not that I write it that way (that would be boring), but I’m far more boring except when being a smartass.

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Oh wow.

I am glad I made this thread then.

I don’t ask for a lot of feedback. I know I’m writing in a field that is niche of niche, right at the moment, so I’m either dragging in people who this isn’t for (and that can be to their misery), or it’s not fluffy enough for the usually enthusiastic readers.

And while this is a big aspect of the paranormal section on Wattpad, there’s a lot of anger and guilty pleasure over reading about characters that very easily veer into “this isn’t appealing in real life”. It’s easily, “fetish writing”. I don’t mind the genre, a good writer makes it worth your time, but it’s not hard to fail.

Big part of why I say writing has to be for yourself.

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True, very true.

Honestly, I would have expected more people to comment on this thread. Seriously, does anyone have any characters that are trying to atone for their mistakes/sins?