The Fireman’s Girl cover art request (closed)

Graphic type: (cover, banner, moodboard, etc.) cover
Genre: romance-thriller
Title: The Fireman’s Girl
Mood: (happy, sad, dark, etc.): thrilling.
Colors: black, red, fire
Simple/Manip: I am looking for a style pictured below.

I love my current cover. But someone suggested that it looks tacky because it combines photo and drawing. I only have Canva, so my options are limited. I really want to retain as much of the same idea as possible. The person who critiqued it, also suggested layout alternatives, but they are not using non-copyright restricted images, so I can’t use them (also, they misspelled the title, but no biggie.) Another thing, the lead female has Asian heritage, but her avatar in the book has flaming hair.

Another imagery from the book is a Firebird associated with the lady. So, something in that key, with images that are not going to get me in trouble with copy right is what I am after.

Here are the images, my current cover first, than the suggested covers by my cover fairy :raised_hands:

Payment: my preference is to read 10 chapters of your story and give you a shout-out on my profile with a mini review. If you are looking for something else, lemme know.

Here’s a very rough sketch of a design; I wanted to tone down the fire a bit while still maintaining some of the color palette. Obviously the text can change (I’m thinking maybe a slightly lighter red would be better).

Sorry, I think i am looking for more drama/appeal

Two more ideas since I need the practice; between these two, I like the first one more.

Sorry, it just misses what I am looking for.

Hi! i have a few stock photos that you can choose from so I can get started on the cover, just let me know which ones you like (and I can also photoshop their hair red afterwards)



The third one… I am looking for a danger-thriller-anticipation kind of vibe. Something that makes me think she’s in danger, but also may be the danger herself.

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ok great!! i’ll get started on it:)

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I have a couple to choose from~ if you’d like anything changed let me know!!

red background || less fire || original background

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Sorry nothing works better than what I have, because my heart is set on fire instead of hair :slight_smile:

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I get that, hope you find the right cover!!

I’m not so good with gif’ing here but sent you 2 options on discord.

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If I’m being honest, I think your current cover would be fine if you changed the fonts to be a bit more consistent (I don’t like how “man’s” has black fill instead of red) and removed what looks like a reverse checkmark at the end of “girl,” maybe making the fire a bit less angular too along the bottom. It fits your vision best while still being a clean cover design.

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I think @still_just_me hit the nail on the head :raised_hands: gonna close the thread

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