The "Like a Boss" move:

It can range from comebacks to outright creepy behavior, but do we think we have the hang of those moments where a character seems severely confident?

Give examples if you want. @qualeshia3 , you seem fond of these things.

some examples from viral click bait posts

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In real life a cop once pulled us over when my dad (who was driving) hadn’t done anything wrong. He gave my dad a lecture while writing the ticket, then ended by saying, “Do you have anything to say?” and my dad said, “Yes. Watch your toes.” Then my dad drove off before the cop could hand him the ticket. The cop didn’t come after us. \(^◡^ )

But I’ve never written a scene like that into a book. Making that kind of thing believable in fiction is hard! (♯^.^ღ)


That would be a 5 cop car chase, most any given day and precinct.

But the lazy way of handling it has always been having b character say exactly why they’d never get away with it.


I wish that I could, but I don’t think I have anything like that.

I recently heard this story when watching a documentary on Ivan the Terrible. (And I’m heavily paraphrasing things, btw).

Basically, story goes that Ivan the terrible had a son with this lady, Maria, named Dmitry. Eventually, Maria and Dmitry were sent away to live somewhere else after Ivan the Terrible died and his other son, Feodor took the throne.

Dmitry later died as a child from an assassination, though there’s different theories on this. One is that he stabbed himself in the throat, lmao.

After his death, his mother Maria and her whole family were annexed to someplace else as Maria had been charged with being a neglectful mother.

Couple years later and Fedor is dead and there’s no one to ascend the throne and continue King Ivan’s bloodline.

Until this Polish guy steps into the limelight proclaiming to be Dmitry (the one who died). According to him, Maria had foreseen the plot to assassinate him, so she hid Dmitry away and allowed another child to be stabbed. Maria, who was still imprisoned, backed up these claims.

The False Dmitry assumed the Russian throne, but only managed to stay there for a yearish. Amidst heavy speculation that he was lying about being Dmitry, the False Dmitry suggested they exhume the corpse of the real Dmitry to try to prove his innocence.

Maria was so insulted by this she redacted all claims of having known him.

The Russian’s then murdered him, lit him on fire, turned him to ash, and fired him into a canon to “shoot him back to Poland”.

And that’s that, lmao. It was so bizarre to me, but kind of one of those Boss moves on the Russian’s part. Spending a whole ass false king back to his homeland via canon.

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The Russians always came across as intense people, historically.

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Not sure if this counts but the Rolex screenshot you posted reminded me of this scene from one of my fantasy books.

So a sixteen-year-old boy was picking up his friends (a boy and a girl) and some of their relatives (the boy’s dad and the girl’s mom and aunt) from the airport to take them to his house (his family was hosting them for a couple weeks). Of course, they wouldn’t be able to fit in one car. The sixteen-year-old tells them that it’ll be too expensive to pay for three taxis, so he’s borrowing cars to pick them up instead.

While waiting to be picked up, the mom of the female friend said to the girl’s sister, “You told me he’s rich? He doesn’t even have money to pay for taxis.” She thought she was being quiet and that speaking a different language would help :skull: but boy oh boy, he heard and understood.

Fast forward and the cars arrive. It’s a convoy of luxury cars: a BMW SUV, a Mercedes-Benz sedan, and a Porsche sedan. Three uniformed chauffeurs emerge to help the guests and the boy nonchalantly goes “you two get in the BMW, you guys can go in the Porsche, and if there’s no more space in your trunks you can put it in my Mercedes.”

He shut her up alright :skull:

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That counts. Sometimes the boss move is brash (suits my personality as a modern American), bust sometimes it’s more Asian in flair (boss moves in a highbrow Manga, for example)…(something that has more in common with roughly Regency Europe), where power is wielded in a satin glove…and its funny because my mom was the Queen of this. Lmao

The brash ones leave no doubt in your mind that it’s a dominance thing. The subtle ones require you either be well-educated, intelligent, or plain cunning.

Back to my mom:

At my husband’s ex-inlaws his ex-father-in-law asked my mother: “Would you like me to change the channel?”

The remote is on the table in front of them, and she cheerfully states: “No thanks. I think I can figure out how the remote works.”

  1. I’m not here for your TV.
  2. You don’t have to care for me.
  3. I don’t need anyone to do this for me.
  4. Don’t offer me something so useless.

All without being an ass, and appearing humble. It’s one of the first stories about my own mother this man ever told me.

(And yes, Cajuns tend to run in groups that interact with people who normally wouldn’t meet.)

Mom rarely used that on me because I’m bullheaded and brash and subtle will just get more fight out of me, even if I get it. So I was just told off.

My con artist jerk Jack Ogswold does that sort of thing all the time. He’s known for it even. He’s proud of it, too.

There’s a scene in the beginning where he shows off to this girl that he can use the art of distraction and goes on to distract and deceive a police officer to the point where the officer forgets he was there to question Jack.

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Sounds like a Loki or Puck.

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A story I heard about Army soldiers in Darwin. During the weekend camping trips the soldiers would wade a river at knee height, with their floating eskies in tow (Darwin summers are quite warm). When they were in need of another drink, they would catch a young (football sized) crocodile, use the snapping lizard’s teeth to open their beer cans, then toss the confused (slightly intoxicated) crocodile back into the river and resume their drinking.

Once during a joint US-AUS Navy exercise an Aussie submarine was given the task of ‘attacking’ a US carrier fleet. The US sailors were confident their sonars could spot the submarine long before any attack, but they never found it. After the exercise the submarine captain sent a gift to the carrier commander…A framed photo of his carrier in the periscope’s crosshairs…

When the French film Sky Knights (Les chevaliers du ciel) was produced, the French Air Force Mirage pilots were ordered to not fly below two-hundred feet altitude and not exceeded Mach One. On the first day of filming the Mirage pilots did both at every opportunity.

When the first Mad Max film was produced the director / creator did not have enough finances to pay the cast and film crew, so he paid them with cartons of beer instead (the rum economy returned). The film’s high-speed motorbike scenes were recorded by the director seated behind the driver (none of the camera crew wanted to ride at that speed), with a camera slung over their shoulders. The biker gang in the first Max film was an actual biker gang, and they also provided security for the film crew. And during the second Max film’s production a motorbike stunt driver was severely wounded (almost killed) when he missed the landing zone after a jump. Instead of being sent off to hospital, the driver hid his bandages and casts beneath a leather outfit and continued filming the next day.


Some people are just tough (injured dude hiding his injuries). Know too many men who treat their own injuries in fairly severe accidents, too. Offshore dudes.

And there’s always been a certain level of crazy to military of any sort…but the Crock one reminds me of a Johnny Horton song, 1814:

We fired our cannon 'til the barrel melted down
So we grabbed an alligator and we fought another round
We filled his head with cannon balls, and powdered his behind
And when we touched the powder off the gator lost his mind

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