The Mega Novel (scam) conversation continued :O

Before, I said I got a Mega Novel message. I told them their contract sounds like it’s all about quantity not quality and that I value quality over quantity. I didn’t except a human person to respond :stuck_out_tongue:

This is what they said. What do you think about it?

It’s basically not about quantity, it’s about quality, you don’t just go and get a contract, your book will be reviewed and if it’s not worth the contract it will be rejected.
So both matters, quality gives you chances of getting the contract while quantity gives you more pay. So you can’t get a contract if your book is just all about quantity and no quality.

Since I seem to have gotten a human person to respond, should I…ask them anything? :stuck_out_tongue: Like about book rights and stuff? Or just ignore them?


Is this them?

And this?

I’d be very leery of them. Real publishers don’t pursue writers. Writers have to get agents and pursue them. MegaNovel seems no different from Dreame, Ficfun, Webnovel, Ringdom, etc. I’ve heard nothing good about any of them, and quite a bit of bad, mostly about their sketchy, one-sided contracts. Be very cautious! ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


their logo looks suspiciously like an upside-down Microsoft Word one lol.


Well, one way to tell if they are real oa this:

" Getting your book an ISBN

The acronym may make it sound more complicated than it is, but getting an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is not like joining the Illuminati: you don’t need a special introduction or to be someone’s important grandchild. For $125, any author can buy an ISBN through Bowker in the USA or Nielsen in the UK: agencies that issue ISBNs and cannot profit from their sale.

However, there are plenty of companies who will make a big song and dance about securing you an ISBN, charging you hundreds of dollars on top of the actual cost — when you could just spend 10 minutes on Bowker and do it yourself."


Oh! Oh! Say you’ll do it if they give you a million bucks and a pony first!


Ask them to be allowed to retain ALL rights to your past, current and all future works, and be allowed to freely post chapters to other sites before posting to theirs. I can almost guarantee you’ll never hear from them again.


I am cautious and curious. If I do now have an actual human person on the other end…maybe I can find out more about them? :stuck_out_tongue: Because it’s not a standard response now. They have actually think and respond.


lol, that’s evil XD

In all seriousness, I don’t want to sound like I’m interested :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s their first response to me in case you’re interested to see what they said before.

first response

I’m a representative of Mega Novel. I want to ask if you’d be interested in signing one of your stories with my platform. No pressure, if you’re not interested you can simply tell me or ignore. And if you’re here are some details about the contract we offer.

Mega Novels is a legit platform, where writers get encouraged and paid for there hard work.

We offer two contracts.

Exclusive Contract: It pays better. Once you sign the contract and update up to 50k words, you get your signing bonus which is $100, also your book gets locked, and you start making 50% shares earned from your book. You can withdraw immediately you get up to $100
That’s not all, this is more of our payment scheme.

50k words = $100 signing fee
$150 attendance bonus
$150 Completion bonus
Total: $400

100k words = $100 Signing fee
$150 × 2 = Attendance bonus
$250 Completion bonus
Total: $ 650

120k words = $100 Signing few
$150 × 2 = Attendance bonus
$325 = Completion bonus
Total = $725

250k words = $100 signing fee
$150 × 4 = Attendance bonus
$400 = Completion bonus
Total = $1,100

MegaNovel pays all debt from 15th of every month.

Note: Your book can’t be updated on any other platform after signing it, you are only permitted to keep just four to five chapters as sample on any other platform.

Non-Exclusive Contract:
You can post your book on any other platform, as many as you like. We have no issue with you. You get 50% shares made from your book, and also get $50 when you update up to 50k words. which is now a paid story.

Can we proceed? Pick one you feel comfortable with.

Feel free to contact me at [removed the email so no one will contact them]


If it’s something you’re interested in, then sure, there’s nothing wrong with talking to them about it. Other people have signed with them, and must be happy about it or there’d be a lot of pages on Google about “MegaNovel scam” and such. Just be sure that if you decide you want to back out later that there’s no barrier to that and you get back all the rights to your books. Be sure you read and understand absolutely everything in their contract before you sign it! Good luck! (*^-‘) 乃

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I can’t find anything about MegaNovel online, but it sounds like it’s just like WebNovel, GoodNovel, and similar, so here’s some things to keep in mind before you sign a contract:

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Thanks for your concerns and advice.

To assure you, I’m not interested in working with them or signing any contract. I’m only interested in the idea of them :stuck_out_tongue: I’m a sneaky investigator out for information because I can’t trust their website.

Not that the people can be trusted either because you never know, but it doesn’t hurt to try, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank goodness! I’m seriously suspicious of them too, and it seems to me that someone on this site once said they signed with a publisher like that and wound up being sorry, but I can’t remember who it was or which publisher. Yeah, it might be fun to pick their brains to find out just what their angle is and how they make any moolah. However they do it, it can’t be good for the writers. (♯ᴖ.ლ)

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Yeah, pick their brains XD

I once got in touch with an actual former employee of Dream… Dreamme? by chance. And he said people mistake the company for a scam all the time, but it’s not a scam. No way is it a scam. Stop calling it a scam, he said.

But…how can I be sure of that when it literally says on the website that they pay you by word count? That’s too suspicious, right? Mega Novel sounds like a similar thing, imo.

So the words of the people say something about the company, too. Either they are loyal employees, or they are kind of…tricked, too. Or they are afraid to say the truth for legal reasons (or illegal reasons :face_with_hand_over_mouth:).

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I kind of wish that we would scam these companies more, by allowing them one piece of our work, I. Order to funnel their readers to the rest of our work elsewhere…

How would you know if the readers aren’t just bots or their own staff?