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This year is the first year that Wattpad is hosting The Wattys Shorts Contest. Back in March, I tried to do the Open Novella Contest but life got in the way, so I have an unfinished novella. Since it’s not done yet and I now know the details of the contest, I can adjust my story and complete it in time to submit it to this contest. I do best when I have support, so that’s where this thread comes in! Feel free to hop in and start talking about your project to get some support. We’re all in this together! Word wars are also majorly encouraged as well. c:



@/astrophile - Hello, all. I’m Wren (also known as Lumi to some) and I’ve been writing for quite a while now and I hope to finish my current project this month so that I may begin a new one for NaNoWriMo. I really like writing stories with a “what if” element to them since my story ideas typically begin by me questioning the world around me. I also really enjoy psychological thrillers, sci-fi, and fantasy! Looking forward to chatting with you all about writing.

@/JJJ000YYY Hi, I’m Joy. I like oranges. I hope we can all have fun writing and competing.

@/M_and_S Hello, I’m M. I’m an avid short story writer. It’s nice to meet you!

@/nighted Hey, I’m Alix (I’m currently debating on whether to change my pen name or not). I’m horrible at finishing projects so I hope this will help me get over that hurdle. Anyways, I hope we’ll have a great time with this.

@Fondness_Fantasies Hello! My name’s Fond and I love making new friends and writing new stories. :slight_smile: Hoping that this thread will help me get some reads on my currently finished projects.

@/dreams_i_have Ello~ I’m Dreams a poet and fantasy writer. Poems come to me with ease while any story I ever started tends to get stuck at a place that ends me in a world building loop. I’m planning to join NaNoWriMo to break that cycle and finish one story. I might not deal well with reading horror but you would be mistaken to believe I’m not into hearing true crime and other videos that just narrate the story. I’m looking forward to chat and share randomness with everyone :slight_smile:


Projects to Support

For category, choose one of the following: short story, poetry, or alternate storytelling.

Username Book Title Genre Category
astrophile Not My Type Humor/Vampire Short Story
JJJ000YYY Family Tree Horror Short Story
M_and_S The Boy Who Met the Sky Middle grade/general fic Short Story
Ellen_Reese Online Horror Show Horror Short Story
nighted Castle in the Sky Poetry Poetry
Fondness_ Fantasies Perfectly Imperfect New Adult/Romance Short Story
Fondness_Fantasies Lattes with a Side of Love Teen Fiction Short Story
dreams_i_have Between Tides Poetry Poetry

Cross Promotional Campaign

Let me know if you’re interested in boosting each other!

@/astrophile @/JJJ000YYY @/nighted @/sunlets @/dreams_i_have

Deadline to Join: November 11th

Starting on November 1st, there will be a cross promotional campaign for those of us who have shown interest in participating and who have also submitted an entry to the contest. The purpose of the campaign is to amplify hype, share exposure, and build each other up. This is also a great chance to practice networking, too.

I’ll touch base with everyone in the interest list on November 1st on next steps and to make sure that everyone submitted something.

What you should do:

  1. Make a reading list of all the entries submitted by those participating in the cross promo campaign. For the duration of this campaign (ends December 4th), you must keep this reading list in the first or second slot on your page. Once the campaign is over, you’re free to move or otherwise delete this reading list.

Cross Promotional Campaign Graphics




Feel free to add in an introduction to post #2 and your project to post #3 when you’re ready!


Oof, that must hurt so much.

Thank you! I’m at about 7.9k words with mine so far. I’m hoping this’ll be the push I need to finish the story.

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Weeee I’m here

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Should the introductions be in alphabetical order by username?



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It can just be in chronological order, so add yourself to the bottom and so on.


asdfghjkl Min noticed me cx

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If anyone is interested in the cross promo campaign, let me know! I’ll have the details ready soon.


Mm sure!

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Looking forward to it.


You want in? :eyes:

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Sure XD why not

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Question, (i’m too lazy to actually go search this up on the website) what is the word limit?

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