*****The Story AYA (Ask You Anything) [Now: Culture (religion, food, clothing, etc.)] *****

I love the names Aya and Ayame too! Someone in Fruits Basket is named Ayame, and someone in another anime is named Aya, although I can’t remember which one now. I’m thinking it’s a girl’s name. (˘ᴗ˘ღ)

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It’s such a beautiful name. :grin:

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Why is it a tourist and vacation haven? What’s so attractive about it?

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I do like Ayase, although I know it mostly from it being a surname, and also the name of a place in Tokyo.


Yeah, that is a surname.


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The castle and shopping districts are what makes it such an interesting place to go when vacationing there.

The country is also a historical haven that blends in so well with the modern world of Alagossia.

The older buildings and the new modern ones, Khollothage is a place where the old and new coexists together in a wonderful and wacky harmony.

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Sounds like the city of Syaraize in Elgana which has buildings like this:

And might look like this, from the outside.


The top picture, where is that location at. I presume a European location.

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Apparently, it’s the Canadian Museum of Nature (or Victoria Memorial Museum).

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Ah, wow, so it is in Canada?

Would’ve never guessed that. Interesting though.

Khollothage could be viewed as that yet more European based.

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I didn’t know either XD But it was the best picture for what I was imagining. Syaraize City has old buildings with new, Human-made shiny ones built on top of it.

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There are so many cultures on the God Worlds because a lot of beings from all over Creation now call them home. I haven’t really developed the culture on Terpola much because it has only now become a “main” setting but I have done Lyriumia a lot.

grabs sticky note from wall


  • The Freeze - A day every 100 years where the northern ocean freezes over. There’s a big dinner and party out on the ice and everyone goes to it

  • Day of the Sun - A less known holiday that is slowly fading away. It’s one of the oldest traditions on Lyriumia where they give thanks the to the Beast of the Sun for giving them its light and protection, and give “sacrifice” to it (used to be an actual sacrifice but is now little tokens like food, flowers, fabrics, stones, etc) so the Endfires are held off for another cycle

  • Naiu’s Birthday - the day where they celebrate the birthday of their Patron Deity. Big party

  • Winter Solstice - basically our Christmas

  • Bennu’s Fire (still working out when this one takes place tbh) - a night of bonfires to celebrate either the end or start of summer with giant bonfires and a night-long party/festival

  • Sky Races - this is a very new tradition, kind of like our Olympics but between Lyriumia and Terpola so the two God Worlds can come together for some good old-fashioned fun. Amneris and Xix started this and always do a race to show there’s no ill will between the two Rulers and that they can accept victory/defeat graciously

The main one I focus on is the original Lyriumian religion (I don’t really go into the others that much because I haven’t actually had a need to do so ;-:wink: The Lyriumian religion I also don’t go into much detail about. It’s more just there. There are temples of the Old Gods were people leave little tokens to the Gods or visit the Priests for advice or help but, aside from that and some of the holidays, I haven’t developed it that much :sweat_smile: It does show up in book 1 tho

Tradition, music, food clothing:
Honestly there is way too much here. There are so many cultures that have been mixed or taken inspiration from each other that I can’t keep track of them specifically because it’s just so normalised on Lyriumia