The Truth Character, The Lie Character???

Name a character in your story who best represents the truth and the lie. I shall explain.

The truth character is a character that the MC can’t face. The truth character tells the MC what he needs to hear rather than what the MC wants to hear instead. The MC cannot handle being around this character because the truth character expresses the truth to the MC in a way that they aren’t used to.

The lie character is a character that the MC wants to be around but know that isn’t beneficial, but they can’t handle being around the truth character. The MC embraces the lie character rather than the truth character who is only trying to help them.

Do you have any characters that represent the truth and the lie? How does the main character react towards being around these characters?

What do you think?


I don’t do that all that often. Yes, people you can’t face, but the other, the liars? Ugh, annoying creatures.

Now, I did have an idea for a vampire love story where the MC vamp dude was lying about the nature of love and eternity to his wife because he didn’t want her to know he would be alone and looking for the next wife as soon as she died. Not because he didn’t love her but because women are hard to convert for whatever reason, and it’s more palatable to hold back a sort of your heart when you’re sure you’re not going to live Eternity with each new wife.

And I was planning on that wife being telepathic, prophetic, and capable of becoming a vampire… Basically, she willingly dies without transitioning because she sees a future for vampires that is better if she isn’t his last wife.

But it requires her telling him what to look for… So he gets to deal with the grief of knowing he could have kept her, given her everything of him, and she left him for a future he has no belief in.


You know in all honesty, I was wondering if this thread would make sense. I am surprised it is doing its part somewhat.

Still waiting for a difference in opinion or something.

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Anyone else???

Interesting. Idk if I have that kind of clear combination right now.

In past stories, I certainly had the lie character, but the MC was kind of brainwashed that they didn’t see the lie character as such.

I have had a truth character that an MC didn’t want to face, but the truth character was also lying to themselves about other things so…nothing as clear-cut.

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