The University of Fiction welcomes you! [POLLS]

Now, tell me, what is the major that you will be studying at the University of Fiction and why choose that major?

I’ve did this before, but it was enjoyable, so I am doing it again!

Choose wisely:

  • Business Technology.
  • Foreign Medical Physics.
  • Planetary Geography.
  • Business Economics.
  • Language History.
  • Technology Studies.
  • Environmental Development.
  • Evolutionary Biology.
  • Language Culture and Heritage.
  • Foreign Arts.
  • Sports History.
  • Language Literature.
  • Foreign Criminal Justice.
  • Government Studies.
  • Foreign Medicine.
  • Foreign Statistics.

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Make of what you will with these options. This is purely fun and nothing more. Most of these relate to real world studies in a way.

So, pick and choose which is more interesting to you and why that is.


[NOTE]: Yes, none of these are all that exciting as it would be in fantasy or science-fiction. Again, this is purely fictional in a sense.

Try to have fun with this! :sweat_smile: