Thinking about the future of Project Succession….honestly.

I am still going to make it a series, but I believe Project Succession is going to be a just for me only story. I want to make it a series, I just want to put it to the side to focus on another novel series set in Alagossia. I DEFINITELY need to rewrite the first draft as the second draft for the first book of Project Succession so that the second book can make sense. Yet the thought of publishing this book, might not happened unless something changes in the future. Yet I can still treat as I want to do something big with it as a way of making myself stick with the novel series. So, I am not going to edit the first draft, yet rewrite it and make it a second draft. Because as I mentioned, book two needs to make sense.

I do not know if I will publish anything. I REALL, REALLY don’t want to stress myself out with wanting to publish. I would rather write and keep writing. When I get to a point in my life when I actually DO want to publish, then I will and hopefully money won’t be an issue. I will continue making plans and questionnaires for Project Succession in terms of the plot, characters, and the world building overall.

What am I trying to get at is that I am not going to stress so much to publish Project Succession? I am just going to rewrite for the second draft and try to understand what I want to do for book two.

I am going to come up with ideas for another story set in Alagossia. I also need to world-build Alagossia, severely too.

TL;DR: I am rambling too much and I am trying not to stress about publishing. Still going to work on Project Succession and other Alagossia projects.

Thoughts? Feelings? Don’t really care?



I am also worried that the next new story won’t hit me the same way Project Succession did. I am very eager to start something new and different real soon away from Project Succession, just worried that I will not find the motivation and excitement that I did when writing my finished novel.

I can only focus on Project Succession, yet I want to have the same focus for another story.


I think I know what you mean. Whenever I finish a book, I get separation anxiety or something. I don’t want to let go of it, and it takes forever for me to get interested in another story even though I’m really eager to write something. (♯^.^ღ)

Nothing wrong with setting aside your first project and working on something else. Maybe you’ll stumble upon a different storyline that’s even better, and then you’ll have to change everything in Project Succession to make it logical for the timeline of the new story. It’s happened to me. __〆(..)

Yup, no need to stress about publishing! It’ll happen if it happens, and if it doesn’t there’s always Kindle Vella, Wattpad, or any number of other places to post online without having to format it into an actual book. And you never know what could happen in the future. You might meet a book coach or literary agent at a book fair who can get your project whipped into shape for free, who knows? ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


You are a saint, truly! Thank you so much for saying that!
I mean it!

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Publishing is the last step in writing anyways, so I wouldn’t stress too much about it right now, even if you do end up publishing it one day. It’s pretty far off in the future and you have the actual writing and editing to worry about right now.

As for another project, don’t let fear keep you from exploring. If it is as exciting for you as your other project was, then great. If it’s not, that’s okay too. Write what you feel like writing, especially if you are just doing it for you anyways.


Thanks :blush:

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Honestly, there’s no guarantee that a story will or won’t hit the same way as the first one did. Writing is too all over the place to get that sort of thing because, well, :sparkles: art :sparkles:.

I try not to write based on what my audience will want and how they will take it. In part because I’ve had that many trolls have a go at me and in part because I’ve really stopped caring. Sure, it’s annoying sometimes but meh. I write for what I want to read, not other people because, at the end of the day, I’m the one that has to like it because I’m the one that wrote it, if that makes sense :joy:

At the same time, when/if you decide to publish, there’s only so much “perfection” that can be done, only so much worldbuilding and character development and overthinking otherwise you will be in that endless spiral that’s very hard to break out of.

It’s good to hear that you’re going to try not to stress too much with your stories and whether or not they’re good for publishing. Again, at the end of the day, it’s your work and your story to tell. Getting caught up in it will only take away that enjoyment.


Thank ya kindly. :smiling_face:

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Got a brand new story idea! :grin:

@Akje, @Xelyn_Craft, and @alenatenjo


Yayyyy :partying_face:

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Thanks and I think I will get a jump start on Project Succession’s second draft days from now.

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:eyes: that’s awesome!

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Thanks so much.