This cool thing for your motivation?

Here’s something that can make you wanna write that book.

There’s this free 3d cover mockup thing I sometimes mess with. I keep forgetting to click “upload” after choosing a photo and always, for a sec, think it’s glitched when it hasn’t.

Then when it’s downloading I think it’s glitched, but it takes a while and there’s no indicator.

Slap on any cover or artwork you want.

Look how cool this looks. Makes me want to write more.

Here’s another because, why not?

There’s so many options, too. You can get one with just the book, the kindle, or whatever. Or you can get a composite.

Just wanted to share :blush:

I had fun :D


This is really cool! I love mock ups so much :heart_eyes: And it makes Paws Chase look so incredible!

I had fun with it, too!


I’ll take a look at it, soon.

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Ahhhh, those look so good! :laughing: The Dark Between Dreams series look epic!

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Ooooh, nice hardbacks! :heart_eyes:

I feel like the hardbacks look even more real because of the wrap-around in the back. Feel like I could just pluck that book out of the screen :grin:

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If you wanna go the extra mile, you can make a Wattpad banner out of it.

Looks kinda weird… idk if I’ll keep this.


Thanks lol!

I think your banner with all your book covers looks really cool, though! What dimensions did you use for it? I feel like I can never get the dimensions right for those.

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I messed with
1920 x 600 px

I’ve also tried a little more and a little less. Both work.

As you probably know, you have to go back and forth to make sure you get it right :sweat_smile:

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Yeeep and then sometimes it’ll look good on desk top but awkward on mobile, or vice-versa. The struggle is real :joy:

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I only use Wattpad on desktop, so I’m not worrying if it looks wonky elsewhere :stuck_out_tongue: Otherwise, idk what dimensions to use :sweat_smile:

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I would have this, but I don’t have a picture or anything to work as background art.

I’ll have to play with this later, but oh my lanta! Beautiful! :woman_cook: :pinched_fingers:


Ah yeah, I really like using that site for making promo banners

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It can be anything, really. As long as it has text on it like a cover :wink:

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This is a premade cover…Loooook :heart_eyes:


Yeah…I will have to find a picture somewhere online. I don’t have any pictures on my desktop that I can use as a base for this.

Also, does this site give free pictures or is it more like you have to find your own?

The best thing about this site is that you can upload whatever you want. I don’t think they provide samples… does seem like they do have a cover creator, but you need flash :sweat_smile: so probably doesn’t work.

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I’ll try something.
Give me a second.

I did it, but I could not do the words so…yeah.
I don’t even want to show it because it isn’t good.