This is going to sound like a weird thing to ask, but I am curious...

How many story ideas can you estimate/guess that you have in the planning/thought stage?

If you don’t know, then that is fine, but if you have a rough guess I can accept that.

Pretty much, is there a story idea that you’ve been thinking about that you may end up making into an actual story some time soon?

What do you think?

My Turn:

I have three stories that I plan on writing and three in thought.




Eight that I’m writing (includes a series of short stories), and seven that I am going through the thought process (Pre-production/Early Concept/World Building).

But I do need to focus on those that I’m most invested in. Or I will never get anything finished…


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2 She Kills Elephants and Men (just editing). Will repost on Wattpad once they switch it to FREE)

1 Jilted by the Mafia – need to finish ASAP


1 The Fireman’s Girl: Editing Draft 1, posting

2 Champion in Love: I have 22.2 K ONC (Maximus) that didn’t Shortlist, need to convert into 50K+ story, rework some lore --NaNo and December-January


3 Played by the Mafia I have a small bit written, outline half-done, recently had a bit of a break-through on outline, still not enough for 50K words, but it’s a direct sequel for Trapped readers have been waiting for forever and a day, ignoring both Raised by the Mafia and Jilted by it.

3 The Billionaire and the Sea potential ONC idea for February-May


An Inch of True Happiness have outline, some sketches. Its strength is that it’s historical and I had been successful in Regency. But it’s ‘dramatized’ 1950s in the States, so… not so sure I will have the audience back

Tender Assassin I have 2 chapters posted, have prelim outline and needs revisions, plus it’s my only gxg and I want to write a gxg so effing bad. It’s Ukrainian ancient lore based, so I am concerned that current politics may impact it

My Date with the Prince of the Vampires have chapter 1 and the outline, but need work on the outline to make it more fun/stronger

The Dissident Alpha have outline, it’s the book 3 on Walkwe trilogy nobody wants

Prospectors and Love Unreal – in various stages of outlining with first couple of chapters each. There is no other reasons for them to exist except I love the concepts and characters so much.


I tend to just hyperfixate on one single idea for years and years instead of coming up with more story ideas. I’ve only got two ideas floating around, and I don’t want to come up with any more (because honestly, I don’t really like writing lol).

One is the paranormal trilogy/anthology that I’m currently working on. (Unfortunately, some spin-off and one-shot ideas are spawning from it. Stop it, brain.)

The other is just a thought that may or may not be written after I finish my current project. It’s a small and simple idea for a story, otherwise I wouldn’t even consider writing it.

I’m so looking forward to the day that all these stories are written and I don’t have any more ideas :slight_smile:

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Really? Are you into reading more than writing?

This is good.

I kinda wish I could do that. Yet I am always looking for the next idea that I can try.

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I used to be super into reading when I was younger. I’ve been trying to get back into it, but I just don’t have the attention span/time for it anymore. Still trying though!

It’s the physical act of writing that repulses me. Can’t really explain it. I love sharing my stories and all that, but when it comes time to actually sit down and type them, my executive disfunction is like… Nah.


Ah, that is understandable. Writing is a tough hobby or career to have.
Too bad you can’t hire a ghostwriter or something.

Yeah, that might’ve sounded rude. My apologies.

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Haha, no worries. That didn’t sound rude at all. :rofl:

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Thank goodness.

But yeah, I think ghostwriters ask for large sum of money anyway. So, even if you wanted to get one you would need some decent or crazy amount of cash along with finding someone who is professional.

Honestly, I thought about hiring a ghostwriter, but I am not a published famous author. So, that little dream died instantly. I rather do it all on my own.

Anyway, would you grate your nerves to voice your story through some type of device as opposed to writing it? Aw, wait, but then you will have to edit it and stuff.

Never mind. LOL!

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Absolutely same. As lazy as I am and as tempting as having someone else writing for me is, I still want to be the one to write it, because otherwise the finished book really wouldn’t feel mine lol.

Hahaha I stutter way too much for that :rofl:

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It’s not a weird thing to ask. I’m curious too.
Well, for me, it’s the following:

  • Stories Planned: 3 (one was an ONC entry that I unpublished)
  • Stories Thought: 12 (these are just the ones I made titles for, there’re more in my head :sweat_smile: )
  • WIP: 3 (one of them is nearly finished, while another one I’ve written just one chapter and I might cancel)

Ooh, I thought of a wicked yet crazy idea! Imagine a device that writes your story correctly for you, but you have to either think it or given the option voice it.

If such an item existed and did greatly, I could be richer than Elon and Jeff.
Yeah that is a topic for another time thought.

I am very lazy, and I totally get what you mean. Because it just feels better to do somethings all on your own…sometimes. LOL!

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Geez! I wonder which will become novels, novellas, or short stories, hmm?
You can never run out of ideas if those are the ones that are constantly running through your mind.

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oof like 30 at this point


Yeesh! Well, at least you have more options and loads of ideas to play around with.

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plenty, if i ever get my life together enough to write them :joy:

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I can only work on one project at a time, living and breathing that one universe until it’s done, thinking about it in the shower, coming up with additional ideas for it in the car, etc. But inevitably ideas for other books come up along the way, so I jot them down in my list of plot thoughts, some of which I posted on my blog sometime back.

That list only has 18 ideas on it. The real list on my computer now has 43 plot ideas. Argh! I’ll be writing books the rest of my life, but hey, it keeps me off the street. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯