This is what irks me when I am writing....

As I am deep into Red Reign, I keep forgetting the most crucial thing in that the story has.


I SEEM TO ALWAYS forget that people are capable of wielding misting depending on how high or how low the First Mist is in their location.

It’s like the moment I am writing, the more important worldbuilding stuff just get tossed out the window, and like “I needed to add that, WHY THE HELL DIDN’T I ADD THAT?”

I start thinking about it after it is done. Like in the moment, I am just writing and enjoying the ride, then when I realized what I’ve done…I’m like “WHAT THE EVER LOVING HELL, WHY DIDN’T I MENTIONED THAT?!”

I have an idea of the worldbuilding and it’s magical powers, but it does have a tendency to change often.

I just irks me that I get so forgetful on the most important things.
Then I have to start either all over again or toss it into the story as a last minute effort.

I understand that NOT A SINGLE PERSON is going to read this, but I just want to be entertained and make sense of what the fuck I am doing for myself.

That doesn’t even make sense!
What are your thoughts and feelings?!

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I am only two chapter-ish into the story and have so much more to go on.

I am just afraid I won’t mention the misting and other things pertaining to it.



MENTION MISTING!! :eyes: If you don’t mention it, a Vrok is going to come and stare at you while you sleep.


Now you won’t forget :stuck_out_tongue:

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As a sort of anecdote, in an Elgana story, I had this amazing, grand scene with these metal statues in a desert land, eroded and abandoned after centuries. I called them Mountain Maidens and made this big show of MC Pinti going up to one and finding it curious.

Then I forgot about it and never mentioned it again :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ugh! The constant struggles!

I had things that I wanted to do for my past stories that I thought would have been so cool and make sense, then my mind is like “nope, can’t have that” and I forget to do it.

Why brain, why do you do this to me?!

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It’s called

being imperfect humans :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yup, sounds about right…

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Let’s get down to some seriously fun writing… :triumph:

So many people forget these really important powers in our stories. Don’t worry :joy:

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