Those songs that you just love...

We all have a song that we just love for various reasons… This is one of mine, share yours if you will…



Yeah, I’m showing my age with this one, but I’m still younger than you think!



A small sample…

…forgot a few…


Favorite is relative.

Nostalgia is 2 singing groups: Acapella and AVB, along with other spin offs like Keith Lancaster.

This is a recording that is from the 80s, most likely.

Same song. Some of the same men AND the new generation.

This is the sect I grew up in. Its a huge part of why I was a voice major. Sundays was always some serious singing as a child.

Listen to this one:

The song leader is one of the founders of Acapella. I promise you, some of the audience is NOT professionally trained, and just took a key change in stride. And I sing every part bus bass. One day, I’ll go and sing my voice raw at one of these gatherings–I miss doing that. I may hate getting up on the stage, but I miss being part of the crowd more than I’ll ever love writing.

I came into writing late because this was where my heart was.

And he will teach you:

This is a dying art, from what I’ve been hearing.

This is my sect keeping a whole hotel awake when they want to sleep:


There’s so many more, but this one so, so much.

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Man, there’s some good choices here. Keep them coming.

It’s so good to see, and hear what grooves you folks. I’m already finding some new stuff to get my foot tapping to.

Secondly:- Add anything that you use to help with your writing too. If it does, let us all know. Lets see what inspires you…

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When I’m about to write something with action, sinister, or just a little more dark and disturbing…


Oh, that could be anything. I prefer speeding up Black Mages for a natural adrenaline rush:

What I require is background noise that ain’t enraging me or grabbing my attention.

In fact, I have a very uncomfortable stripping scene between a pack Alpha and his human Tech (mated to one of his pack’s females) surrounding THIS:

I swear, everything was innocent.


I would’ve c&p so many links but I’m on my phone lol

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I remembered another one that I really, really like!


A couple of songs I really love:

Scarborough Fair/Canticle - Simon & Garfunkel

Don’t You (Forget About Me) - Simple Minds

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Love the movie, love the song:


Gunslinger Girl. The first series (for some reason I never finished the show but I wanna see the end some day!) has such a great opening. I love it!

Also this is another anime song I love:

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Oh god you just opened the flood gates.

I’m going to limit it to five songs followed by paragraphs.

See You Agian-- Tyler the Creator

It’s so odd think think that just four years before this this Tyler was a kid who wrote shock lyrics about self pleasure and…well…just listen to Yonkers. This is one of the best songs I have ever heard, its sweet, sentimental, catchy, and just fills me with an emotion I cant describe.

(Also the song has taken new meaning to me as a girl I was head over heels over went to join the army, so “I’m about to go to war and I dont know if I’ll ever see you again” really hits home. Sad thing is I never got to tell her how I felt. Tyler’s Gone Gone/Thank You has the same effect as well)

Save Your Tears–The Weeknd

This song is better than Blinding Lights. Fite me.

Seriously though words can not describe how much I love this song. It’s a sad song about not being able to move on and having to accept you can’t get back together (Take me back cause I wanna stay, save your tears for another-- I realize now it’s much too late, you deserve someone better).

I honestly cant decide if this or I Feel It Coming is my favorite song by him. Both are wonderful.

Also the remix with Ariana is great.

Baby–Justin Bebier

This song is a deep and introspective look into the psyche of a man who’s heat has been broken by the titular baby and–im just messing you everyone knows this song is garbage.

I Guess That’s Why They Call it the Blues–Elton John

“I simply live you, more than I love, life itself” is one of the best lines I have ever heard in any song ever. This sweet ballad of long distance love has stuck with me ever since i first heard it.

Kissing a Fool George Michael

It was so hard for me to pick just one of George’s songs to put here. I could have put Careless Whisper, Freedom '90, Heal the Pain, Fast Love, Round Here, but the song I’ve gone with is Kissing a Fool. A sad song about a woman who left a man and him trying to ignore his feelings for her and move on, something that was a common theme in some of his other work–think Waiting For That Day or Jesus to a Child–but something about this speaks to me on a personal level.

17 Days-Prince

Prince is my favorite singer ever, and it’s very hard for me to pick just one song of his. So I guess to show how much of a huge fan of his I chose one of his B-sides.

An unintentional theme with most of these songs I picked is heartbreak. This one exemplifies that perfect. Hoping to get back in touch with her, wishing the rain to come down when he realizes that won’t happen and she’s moved on, and still wishing that wasn’t true.

There’s so many other great songs I love, so I guess I’ll list some extra ones:
Show Me–Seal
Paper Bag–Fiona Apple
Love Lockdown–Kanye West
3005–Childish Gambino
Soul to Squeeze–RHCP
Let’s go Forward–Terence Trent D’arby, also known as Sananda Maitreya
Pink Phantom–Gorillaz & Elton John
Modern Love–David Bowie
No Ordinary Love–Sade


As a music lover I have a bunch of songs and pieces that I love. I’ll try my best to keep the numbers down :sweat_smile:


Waltz on the brink of the cliff – Sakuzyo

Yup, that’s contemporary classical written by a Japanese musician who doesn’t specialize in a single genre (he’s good at a lot of genres, btw). A really nice piece. I especially love the dynamics and it sounds pretty unique for a waltz—part of it sounds like a reverse waltz, thanks to the left hand movement. It’s one of those pieces that I’ve played on repeat.

Ondine (from Gaspard de la Nuit) – Ravel

A very nice piece that I’ve played on repeat recently. The sparkly notes really evoke the image of shimmering water, and I also like the dark part towards the end, as if something is swimming down towards the depth of the sea (or luring you there). Just beautiful.

Main Theme from The Gadfly – Shostakovich

I don’t know about you, but this piece in particular has a certain allure. I think it’s mainly because of the beginning that hooked me in. I don’t know. I just love it.

Romance in A Minor, Op. 6 No. 1 – Rachmaninoff

Hands down my favorite piano-violin duet. It’s not overly-complicated or anything. It’s one of those pieces that sound simple but are so beautiful. The two instruments really blend well here.

Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 in E Flat Major – Chopin :heart:

If you’re wondering why I put the :heart: next to it, that’s because it’s my joint-favorite classical piece of all time. It’s not the flashiest piece, but it is one of the most beautiful and one of the pieces I listened to even before I dove deep into the classical genre. I don’t know about you, but when played right, there’s this painful beauty that arises from it. It hurts. It makes me cry.

Nocturne Op. 48 No. 1 in C Minor – Chopin

May not be as well-known as the aforementioned nocturne, but it is really beautiful and is the latest piece that I’ve been playing on repeat.

Waltz Op. 64 No. 2 in C Sharp Minor – Chopin :heart:

Yes, Chopin is getting three mentions because he’s my all-time favorite composer XD

Another :heart: because it’s my joint-favorite piece :sweat_smile: I remember listening to an album containing the complete collection of Chopin waltzes while studying, and Waltz Op. 64 No. 2 stood out to me. After I had finished the album, it was the only waltz I played again. And then I found this interpretation on my YouTube recommendations and have fallen in love with it since (that’s still my all-time favorite interpretation, by the way, and I’ve listened to plenty of interpretations). I can’t exactly describe what I love it, but it just has that allure.


Les Feuilles Mortes

Jazz fans may recognize this as the jazz standard “Autumn Leaves.” Out of all the jazz standards, Autumn Leaves has to be one of my favorites, to the point that I included it in my book. While doing research about the song, I realized that it was originally French. I stumbled across this rendition by Yves Montand and just fell in love with it. I’m also a fan of instrumental renditions of this song, but this one in particular hits different. Maybe I just have a weak spot for French voices—in jazz, at least.

My Funny Valentine

One of my favorite jazz songs. The first version you see up there is the very first rendition of the song I heard, thanks to a YouTube video of someone comparing speakers. I scoured the internet for it. The other rendition is by Chet Baker. I like the cool vibe of it a lot. It’s rather simple-sounding and chill.

Okome – Sakuzyo

Okay, some jazz nerds may not call this jazz, but it sounds close enough to jazz for me. I like to think of it as jazz with a Japanese twist. One of my favorite songs. I don’t know about you, but it evokes a certain image: late night, Tokyo, high-class jazz lounge, fine Japanese cuisine at your table, live band on the stage in front of you. It also makes me hungry XD


Over Again – One Direction

Yes, I was a One Direction fan. Surprise.

So I first listened to this on a flight. Out of all the songs in that album, that one stood out. I don’t know why but it sounds like the perfect song to listen to on a plane, with the cabin dimmed, you reclining in your seat, and everyone else but you sleeping.

Paris in the Rain – Lauv :blue_heart:

One of my favorite Lauv songs (geddit? Lauv? Love? Okay I’ll see myself out). Anyway, I just love it. Another one of those songs I’ve played on repeat. It’s chill and all that.

Overboard – Justin Bieber (ft. Jessica Jarrell)

let me preface this by saying that I was a literal child when he first peaked and that I don’t listen to his new stuff but instead prefer to listen to his really old songs because nostalgia

Yeah, this is one of my favorite Justin Bieber songs. It’s not as popular as his other stuff, but I prefer this song over the others.

Yeah, you can tell this is his old stuff because his voice is higher-pitched in here XD in all seriousness, it’s my childhood. There. Don’t crucify me please.


Arcahv – Feryquitous

One of the songs I put on repeat for a long time. There’s something ethereal about this song that makes me feel floaty. I can imagine someone going on an adventure when listening. The part at 1:32 is my favorite; I just love the piano melody in it.

Monochrome Re.Surgence – Feryquitous (ft. F9)

This one also sounds heavenly—to me, at least. It just has that vibe. I love how the strings blend in, providing a musical backdrop like a velvet curtain flowing at the sides of a window (what the hell was that metaphor XD I hope you know what I mean regardless).


The End – Sakuzyo

One word: EPIC! This gives me total final boss battle vibes. It’s almost nine minutes long but it’s so worth it—for me, at least. I just love it.

Detour – 20syl

The only thing I dislike about this is that it’s too short. It’s just a minute long. Aaaah, I love it! Especially when the piano comes in about halfway through the song; it blends in so well. The beats. The chords. The vibe.

Style – Taylor Swift

This is the kind of Taylor Swift song I like. I always imagine a music video in my head when I listen to this song, and I just think it sounds cool.

Saika – Rabpit

A song that I head-bop to. I just find it really cool. And yes, I discovered this thanks to a video game.

In My Life – The Beatles

This was one of the first Beatles songs that I’ve ever listened to. It brings back childhood memories (no, I’m not that old; my dad just loved playing Rubber Soul over and over again). I just have a special connection with it.

All I Ask of You – Andrew Lloyd Weber (performed by Patrick Wilson and Emmy Rossum)

My favorite song from the Phantom of the Opera. I don’t just love how it sounds, but the lyrics too.

Ash – Ginji

Out of all the LoFi songs I’ve listened to in compilations, this one just hits different. I think one thing that made it stand out from the others was the part that starts at 2:14. I can’t explain why, but it struck me.

Platinum – Sta

Forget Canon in D. This is the song I want played at my wedding!

Whoops, that was long :sweat_smile: believe me, I tried to cut it down, but I just couldn’t. I just love music, and there are so many songs that I just love >.<

And from the songs I’ve listed here I’m pretty sure you can see how varied my music taste can be :sweat_smile:


Jazz nerds can keep their gatekeeping. The thing with Jazz is that it’s a wide range of improv that bleeds into other areas, from Blues and Big Band to a lot of Latin beats and Gospel, and even relates to Baroque styles. Other than touchstone influencers (those who must be acknowledged when speaking of jazz), it’s supposed to be a free-for-all. Improv singing/playing is going to be all over the place, with a taste of pretty much anything, if it’s a still living genre. Only way to gatekeep is if it is DEAD.

(Cajun southwest of New Orleans who grew up on the Neville Brothers, Fats Domino, and Louie Armstrong without really differentiating them as a wee child.)


Some real nice variations here…

I’m finding lots of neat new sounds. Thanks folks!