Time flows differently in your fictional world than it does in the real world...right?

So, tell me about the time flow in your fictional worlds. Is it different than the time flowing on Earth, or does it flow about the same?

Lend me your thoughts!

EDIT: Also, what is the time/era that your fictional world is in?


No time difference, although there are different bells that signify what position the sun is in. They use sun dials to tell what time it is.

As for era, I try to stay away from exact replication, as medieval era societal standards and general attitudes are not at all a proper reflection of my story’s society, and I don’t want them to be too closely compared to one another in reviews as it deeply annoys me.

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Assassin’s Journals, right there. I don’t denote time differences all that much unless it’s a plot point, but since they are world jumping, there’s one world they are trying to cross quickly because a day is like a month’s time. They found descends of stranded agents there. The assumption I’m running g on is that time is slowing down because there’s not enough universe left, so that one’s going to go Huskworld eventually.

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I have a thought, but have not implemented it yet.
I’m going for twelve months (Mindenth’s), with thirty days each (Yordinth’s)… Yet I’m unsure of how it will translate, or if it will be accepted as a “thing”. These are the Elven names.

You see, a “year” is denoted in the world of both Men and Dwarves as a “Season”, yet they have names for each month, but Mindenth’s and Yordinth’s are from the Elvish denotations of periodic time segmentations of the Year (Gindenth) as they say in the Eldest realm of Elves The Ralloth, and it’s sister realm Ralloth Mul (an island off the South Eastern coast of Arillion).

I’m going with both Elvish and Common Names for each month and day, but years will remain both Elvish and Common Named (Elvish and Other)…

I just hope it makes sense within my tale…

As for the Time or Era… It’s Fantasy and within its own world… This tale happens within the Downfall Age of Arillion, when what happened thirteen thousand years before is still unfolding, and before the Age of the Risen when the lands were renewed in prosperity… And another tale shall begin… No spoilers for this one…


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So, you don’t say “twelve years” you say “twelve seasons” instead in your story?

The race’s of Men and Dwarves do, but the Elves would say Twelve Gindenth’s.


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So, it’s like this? Forgive me for saying it in this manner.

Mike: Larry, how have you been?

Larry: Mike? Oh my gosh! I haven’t seen you in five seasons!

Mike: Oh yeah! Well, it is good to see you. How is Mandy and the children?

Larry: Great, everyone is great! And Kimberly?

Mike: She is pregnant with her second child.

Can it be used in that manner?

Time is relative :eyes:

As for what year it is
[pulls out notes]

The year on the God Worlds at the time the current book (book 5) is taking place is the year 771,523,557,251 (that would the age of Creation at the time) so the world is far older than our universe is thought to be

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In one of my stories, a year is equivalent to 100 years.

So, humans become adults at 1800 years.

They call the era this is in the Forgotten Era because of various events that have happened.

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I can’t even comprehend being around for that long.

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Humans become adult at the age 1800? Am I understanding that correctly or no?

In that world, yes. It correlates with legally being an adult at 18 in certain countries.

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The average lifespan is 20,000 years so it’s not that big a deal, and they were some of the first planets ever made when Creation begun. And they aren’t actually in a universe. Plus the whole time is relative thing

Try writing key events that happen over all that time :joy:

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Yeah, that would be a fine way to use it in context. For Men and Dwarves that is.

“How is Odedra, does he still complain about his aching bones?” Geldrid asked kindly.

“Odedra is dead, four seasons ago the Drakes took him…” Replied Ossel and fell silent.


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Wodeland is like Narnia. Hardly any time goes by in the real world, but months and years can go by in Wodeland. On top of all that, I haven’t fully decided yet, but I think the creatures in Wodeland age slower than those in the real world.

So, it’s different from Narnia where the characters actually age and they return to their original age when they go back to the real world.

Bethany goes to Wodeland and her time automatically slows down like everyone else.


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Wait, I have a question and I am confused about this whole thing.

Bethany is a rat, right? Was she always a rat or when she went to Wodeland did she turn into a rat?

I need some type of clarification on this. Sorry for being confused and all.

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It flows about the same as it does on Earth. It does have a time difference, though, depending on where you are and which realm you’re talking about.

For example, Nitean Capital Time—the time zone of the capital city of the realm of Nitea—is a few hours ahead of Central European Time—the time zone of a large region of Europe, Paris included. If you’re good with time zones then you can treat the time differences the same way you would treat time zones on Earth.

As for the era of the other realms, that highly depends on the individual realm. I’d say Parafiso is the closest to Earth in terms of era, but their technology is advanced by a few years. Otrâlmondé is more advanced compared to Earth, but I wouldn’t call it futuristic. Nitea is definitely futuristic.

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Yes, because this Churro changes their mind a lot lol.

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Oh wow. LOL!

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So people and animals of Wodeland are cursed. If you are a human of Wodeland, in Earthland (our world) you turn into an animal (that can retain speech abilities as long as they continue speaking). If you are an animal of Wodeland, you turn into a human in Earthland.

Wodeland is a separate realm from Earthland. You only get there by portal. The only ones who can open the portal are those with strong powers and there are not many of them left.

Anyway, in the case of those with strong powers (like Bethany’s mom and Bethany) with sheer will power and strong desire they can transform and retain either form they want. Bethany was born a rat, but her mother had the strong desire to be human. Because of the family connection, Bethany turned into a human with her mother and that was that.

But she hates her mom at the moment for lying to her and she’s also not sure who she is or what she wants, so the family connection is weakening and her sense of self is weakening and when that happens, Bethany won’t be able to retain her human self.

At the moment, she’s doing it subconsciously because she turned human thanks to the family connection. She doesn’t know anything else.

Once the family connection is completely lost and she has a full-on identity crisis, she will return into her rat form. She has not been a rat since babyhood, so it’s going to be all new to her.

Sorry if it’s a little complicated. I haven’t had a chance to explain the magick system to people yet.

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