Title| Change it or Keep It


It’s Rue Jay with another problem. With all that’s coming the more that I dig into the story, I think I need feedback on my title, and if you think it should be changed, some ideas will make me very grateful.

Plot: Impoverished witch Mercy Synn has always dreamed of a better life. On her eighteenth birthday, the king of the kingdom summons her to the castle where she discovers that she’s a princess as well as a twin. Now, Mercy wants revenge on her father, and she wants the throne.

The title so far is Mercy’s Revenge.

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Some ideas…

Mercy for the Wicked
Sweet Mercy, Bitter Revenge
Mercy in Revenge


None of those stood out to Mercy. I think she wants something dark without the words “Mercy” or “Revenge”. Actually, I think I can make something from one of the songs she likes. “Burned” by Grace VanderWaal. I could go with Burned for a title, Blow Out the Candle, or Don’t Play With Fire.

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