Title help!! (medieval gay webtoon 😵?)

So I want to start a webtoon. I’ve got the story, characters, plot outline, etc.

But my mind has failed me. I cannot come up with a title. Please rate the ones below and leave your own suggestions in the replies!!

Medieval romance fantasy, based on two magical boys living in a kingdom where magic is banned.

short description for the story

In a kingdom where magic is outlawed, Caspian is forced to follow the rules his parents set for him. He keeps to himself. He never answers the door. He never sets foot in the castle walls. And the worst of all? He’s a fairy who’s not allowed to fly. But when a witch (who’s no good at hiding it) moves in next door, Caspian is forced to break his own rules and confront the magic he thought he lost.

concept art draft (still working on it)

  • The Witch & the Fairy (not very creative, I know :sweat_smile:)
  • All the Gold
  • The Witch & the Wings
  • Fall before You Fly
  • Caspian & Basil (basil is the witch lol)
  • I Wish I Were
  • the Chronicles of Caspian and Basil
  • The Witch’s Wings
  • The Witchery’s Fairy (suggested by J.L.O)
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Even though it’s kind of basic, The Witch & the Fairy evokes the most interesting imagery for me. The Chronicles of Caspian and Basil has a nice sound to it, though.

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Wordsmith here. (Weird writing habit inherited from my mother.)

You know what a hatchery is, right? It’s where you hatch different beasts. And a Brewery is where you brew different drinks.

So…a Witchery would be where you produce things “of witches”.

So, this may not work if you’ve got your whole series set in stone yet, but if the neighbor is planning to work from their house (making their home a Witchery), at least part time, you could use the title:

The Witchery’s Fairy

It would give them something to do together, right next door. It also focuses on the fairy without excluding the witch.

But other than that?
Witch & Fairy
Witch & Wings

Not fond of useless “the” all over the place.


I like “Caspian and Basil” :slight_smile:

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