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I need help with my WIP title. The working title is “Lost Children of D’Matiwak”. I have quite a problem with this, 1) it’s a bit long, d’you reckon? 2) It’s a bit ummm how’dyousaythis, too “obscure” with the name of the place in the title. It’s a fictional Island city, as well.

So, the story is a dark, horror, paranormal kind of fantasy. It’s about the missing children that turned out to be caused by an evil, dead, dark wizard trying to resurrect himself with the souls of the dead children. The thing is, the children are not dead… yet. Their soul cores are just bottled up by the dark wizard. The moment the incantation is done to resurrect the villain, the souls will be fully consumed, essentially completely killing all those children. When the MC’s friend’s soul core got taken away, he sprung into action. The MC trynna retrieve the souls and return them to the bodies of the children.

Here are all the working titles I currently have:
The Lost Children of D’Matiwak
The Missing Children of Mit Lawag (another name for the fictional city)
Seeking Souls (sounds a bit cheesy, ain’t it)
The Children of the Night

Other suggestions are welcomed! Ask questions if you need more info.

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I actually like this. :flushed: I think that it runs off the tongue alright, and I can remember it and it has a unique name but that’s just my opinion. It’s the most memorable of the four.


Does the city name not throw you off?


Not really, to be honest.


Well, that’s great to hear. That was like one of my biggest concern lol


Hm, off the top of my head, you could use a play on the phrase “soul-searching”.
Otherwise I agree with JT, the fictional location name works fine. You could also do [The?] Lost Souls of D’Matiwak instead of children, but I don’t know if ‘soul’ is any better than ‘child’.


The significance of “Children” in the title is that the dark wizard’s victims are all children. Like Elementary-age children.

Yeah, if it’s a crucial detail that the victims are children, definitely keep it in the title.
Your plot itself is very interesting. Can I ask what inspired it?

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Thank you!

Well, it’s like a social commentary at this point. Kidnapping was and still is a problem in my city. The inaction of the government to address this really inspired me to write about it.

In fact, this theme was not in the original plan. The MC was just to do Harry-Potter-like journeys. But it felt like a good match, so… i incorporated the irl event.

It’s unfortunate that kidnapping was enough of a problem to inspire you, but I like where you’ve taken the idea – the story has enough fantasy to be engaging but it’s not completely divorced from real issues.

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Soul Wiz
Wizard of Children
The Souls In The Bag
Children Magically Gone

Hope I hoped :slight_smile:

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