Title Poll :)

Hi there! I have a quick 24 hour poll set up to figure out a good title for my story! It follows this prompt for WattpadAsianFantasy’s The Immortal’s Conquest contest.

Please, take a look at the ones I was able to come up with and vote! If you don’t like my suggestions, please insert your own :smiley:

  • The Astral Palace’s Little Mortal
  • The Legend of the Night Immortal
  • A Thousand Celestial Beings
  • Veil of Stars (or A Veil of Stars)
  • (Insert your own since my brain isn’t working anymore >.<)

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I am digging the title “A Thousand Celestial Beings” more than the others.

I don’t know it rolls off the tongue for me.


I honestly feel the same.



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Good morning/afternoon/night, everyone! I just woke up, did my chores, and hopped on WackyWriters to see if the votes got higher but alas, it did not. No worries though as I believe everyone can agree on their favorite!

‘A Thousand Celestial Beings’ is the winner!!! :hugs::heartbeat:

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