Titles of written things you wrote "The End"? [a feel-good chat]

As long as you wrote “The End”, at least it’s finished at the moment, right? It doesn’t have to be edited. You can be editing them now. Some of it can still be outlined or not written. I was suddenly curious about the titles of stories you wrote “The End” (novels, novellas, short stories, screenplays, cringe, idk, whatever).

This is just for all of us to remind ourselves how many times we treated ourselves to writing “The End” (even if we wrote it first), a writer’s first biggest milestone :wink: I might also ask you questions about how you came up with the title. You can ask me, too.

World of Elgana Books

Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound (editing/rewriting)
Paws Chase Murder Case
Lone Gold, Daring Purple
Storm Heart, Fire Soul
Solar Song, Frozen Fate

The (Other) World Books

The Facade of Quad in Nimrod (a NaNoWriMo book saved)
Alive At Crepusculum (editing)
Dead By Sunrise (editing)

Jack of All Trades (Jack made me write it)

I wanted to call these An Account of the World at Crazy Intervals

Two and the Last Year on Earth (it’s so stupid and I love it)
Hamster Economy (it’s even more stupid and I love it XD)

The Prince of Thagarmius Series

There Lives a Beast in the Burning Heart
The Many Secrets of a Broken Light (editing)
The Prince of Thagarmius (a 100k mega beast book that the above two come from)

The Chronicles of Galderkins

(four medieval fantasy books in the roughest draft possible with a hundred thousand plot holes no doubt)
Rise of Ryg Nok
Return of Vol Pyr
Rage of Azr Lyo
Reign of Kor Vyr

New Soleil Books

The Rat Girl
Between Roses (a NaNoWriMo disaster I saved, and now I love it)

From here, the stories get older and older.

The Cringe Box of Stories

Dark Matters (a NaNoWriMo YA dystopian cliche that was supposed to be my first attempt at steamy adult fantasy, but I struggled with the steamy scenes and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t make it work. I gave up making it adult fantasy and turned it into YA. The thing was, I hadn’t figured out I was ace.)

Through Many Eyes (my third NaNoWriMo disaster with such dark, twistedness, and misrepresentation of OCD and other mental illnesses that I don’t think I can ever show this to anyone without considerable edits I don’t feel like doing)

The Heart of the Labyrinth (my second NaNoWriMo disaster, I honestly hate the sudden twist I decided to shove it right at the end. Please. No.)

The Awakening (my first NaNoWriMo disaster. omg, the sheer amount of FILLER in this darn story, I can’t XD)

Liaffon (my 7-year-old book baby that will never see the light of day. And omg, I have not written out that title in eternity and cringe so hard when I remember my time with this book XD I even queried it. I want to tell myself, “Girl, you were NOT ready, oh mah gosh”, and I don’t even talk like that in real life, but that situation needs that kind of speech :stuck_out_tongue: )

The Puppeteer Series (a series of super shorts about an evil puppeteer. I wasn’t going to continue it after the first prologue story, but a guy I was chatting with online, read the prologue that I posted on Figment. He told me I should continue it and gave me ideas. So, thanks stranger, I ended up completing it. Idk if I will ever show it online because of how I use the word “gypsies”, taking it as my own and giving my own definition. We all know how problematic THAT is.)

Curse of Decay (a super old horror short I wrote. Some cringe, but I still like it.)

Undecided (a short story about a boy in limbo)

To Descendants (I was inspired by HG Wells so much I wrote a story about a robot writing a letter to future Humans)

Shopping Cart in the Fog (a horror short I submitted to the university writing magazine when I was abroad because I actually saw a shopping cart abandoned in a foggy field. I submitted it with a pen name I’m not associated with anymore. But that means, in some sense, I am kind of published, but I’m not proud of it :sweat_smile: )

The Stars (a short about a girl at war?? I didn’t write “the end” but in my mind, it has always been finished.)

Extra Topic
Talk about the cringe stories you wrote “The End” to and why you will never touch them again :wink:


Cringe Story 1

this is why this YA fantasy will never see the light of day

Liaffon Book One: East Seekers

Oh gosh, writing that title already makes me cringe XD

The biggest problem with this is that I have 10 chapters of nothing but backstory in the beginning. The plot starts at chapter 11, and there’s probably only 20 chapters and each chapter is 1500-2000 words.

I usually write around 2500-3500 words a chapter these days.

Anyway, if I were to rewrite this, I have to rebuild the ENTIRE plot because there’s literally nothing to work on right now. I would also have to rethink the entire lore because there really isn’t anything. This story began with a village fearing change coming to them and having a meeting around a fire. It’s really, really low fantasy coming from me, honestly :stuck_out_tongue:

The 9 chapters that have “plot” sound like a stretched out prologue.

It was a fantasy adventure story about a young overweight guy, an old man, another young man narcissist, and a short-tempered city guy, and a rebel girl traveling through the forest (which, for some reason they never went into before) fighting or getting along, meeting fantasy creatures and woman-led tribes, going into a storm, getting introduced to city tech, and arriving at the city.


Oh! Oh gosh, I just remembered the villagers called the city, the Eastlands XD nooooo :grimacing:

The city itself is called Evior? Yes, I think that’s it. Idk if I hate or love that name, tbh. (funny how I now have a world named Elgana. Do I like “E” names? XD)

The entire story is a set up for the villagers to arrive at the city to…uh…experience the city so they know what kind of change will come to the village and if that change is good or not. Oh wow. Lots of excitement. Yay :neutral_face: The MC is of course chosen with some magical thing he has to deliver to the president (this was my attempt at raising the stakes XD).

I had no plan as to what they would do in the city once they got there. Yet, for some reason, I thought it was good enough to query :sweat_smile:

Because I had no plan, of course, I couldn’t write the sequel. I then started writing a book 2 with a character living in the city and how she rebels against her system (inspired by the likes of Uglies, believe it or not), and I did end up “finishing it” but because I always had the sense that the end wasn’t actually the end, I didn’t include it in the list.

And so, the East Seekers…ugh, I like the world building I did do for it. I liked the culture of the village, but there’s just so much…bleh if I were to rewrite it. And it’s plotless. I can’t even come up with anything to save it.


I put question marks after my "the end"s to throw myself off :relieved:


lol XD So are these truly ended? Or do they get series treatment?

I’m wondering…do you have any standalones or short stories?

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I don’t think I have that many, but let’s see…

The Spying Cat is my most recent one, historical fiction ONC shortlister.

Seacliff is a historical romance/fantasy, but I just checked and forgot to write “the end” in the published chapter :joy:

Then there is the Ingrid odyssey...

Whiskey Latte
Vodka Espresso
Tequila Americano
Flat White Rum

Also, couple of short story crossovers with @Norwood515 's characters, Wasted, and Experiment.

And then I have 2 other short stories up on Wattpad, The Bubble Man and Camelia.

I’m sure there’s a great deal of cringe stories behind me, but I can’t remember most titles and most were also not even completed lol. My writing has been at a level where I could comfortably complete projects only over the past 4-5 years or so. Everything before that is a big black hole :joy:


The titles of the Ingrid odyssey XD Why those titles? Do the drinks play a part in the story somehow? Is it symbolism?

I couldn’t either, so I had to go to my old writing folder and look at the titles and cringe at them all to remember which cringes had "the end"s on them.

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I don’t really have an old writing folder :face_holding_back_tears: I used to have an USB stick for my stuff when I was younger but I think that got corrupted and I lost everything. I’ve only been using Google Drive for the past 4-5 years so that’s all I have. Oh, and the old writing sites I used to publish on were all yeeted into nothingness :joy:

All of the above :joy: Ingrid is a modern corporate woman, so coffee and alcohol are part of the “culture”, but those are also thinly veiled addictions and problematic coping mechanisms. Each story does feature the respective drink at some point, but symbolically it also showcases how she’s struggling to deal with stuff from her past while more or less maintaining a front.

It honestly started because of the song Whiskey by Maroon 5, which felt like the soundtrack to a story idea I’d had for ages, and then “Whiskey Latte” came to mind and the opening scene where a corporate millennial spices up her homemade latte with some whiskey before rushing to work :grimacing:

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Not posted anywhere:

Assassin’s Journal I
Assassin’s Journal II
Assassin’s Journal III

The Fairways Empire I

On Wattpad:

Human Males/Were Females
To Make a Kinder Children’s Tale

Mini Moo (ONC 2022)
Old Soul(ONC 2022)

ONC 2023:
Maysie’s Galaxy
Coins on a Battlefield (May come off this list.)
The King’s Three Sons
A Riding Need

It’s a much smaller list than my TBF.


Considering my stand alone turned into a nine novel series, I’m not liking my chances of ever writing a stand alone :joy:

Yes to the short stories! I put a few on Kindle every year and have quite a few planned. Some are linked to the overall plots of my books, some are just side adventures

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