So I wanted to follow some more writer friends on Twitter so I’m asking if anyone here has a twitter because y’all are my writer friends (If you don’t remember, my name used to be Pandean on Wattpad).

If you want you can follow me too at @LittleChaoses but you don’t have to.

But I’d love more writer friends on social media. I lost a lot of friends and followers when I switched accounts.

Hope this isn’t against the rules and sorry if it is.

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I’m on Twatter (sorry, but that is what I call it for fun). I’m there as SecretDurham Probably all lower case, it’s been a while since I’ve been there…
To be honest I don’t use it much. Probably every six to eight months I will drop by…

It’s just not for me…


Well I’ll follow you anyways. And I get social media not being for everyone. I don’t really use instagram or tiktok or tumblr or snapchat, any of those.

I made an account called Theiss to watch twitter bs so yah

I use none… It’ just not for me… But Reddit can be funny at times. I’m there as an observer of shite really… Same name…


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Oh I like reddit though I only stick to certain communities

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oooh I’ll have to look for it

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I lurk more than I post, but I like seeing other writers on my feed.

i used to have an account that was just my regular crimsonmysterycake account but i got my pinned tweet ratioed so i had to delete it so ive just been using my alt @iamaminionsmom ill go follow you

I’ll follow you back and it’s good to see you again, crim!

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I’ll go follow you!

thanks good to see you too just be warned my twitter is a little cringe i just rt stuff about my favorite anime and sometimes i talk about politics.