UPDATED!! Ask me about characters, magick, setting, and I'll ask you, too

Not forcing you guys here, but letting you know this is where you can get bombarded with questions about the lore of your stories. Even non-fantasy. I’ll have questions about relationships and backstory and all that. The only thing is that, you have to ask me a few questions. Doesn’t have to be the same amount that I ask you although more than one is preferred :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi I’ll jump in. Going in blind.

  • What do the Ilvagi want with the moonstone?
  • Very intrigued by pocket realms. Do they appear randomly or does it have to be created?
  • Tell me about the sorcerer in Ulk Pyne and his experiments
  • What’s the technology level on Elgana?
  • What do the Guardians do?
A bit about my book

Fifty years after his defeat, the Lord of Shadows appears once more. This time, as Jorvo a charismatic child born with unusual magical abilities. He is raised under the tutelage of those who once vanquished him, in the hopes of preventing another calamitous war. In the decades to come, he attracts a fervent following, traverses empires, is loved, feared and pilloried, and wields a singular power to wreck havoc on the order of the universe — this time, under the banner of peace.

We don’t get his pov until the very last chapter so we don’t really know what’s going on in his head, what he’s feeling and his real story. The narration is all through the lives of his contemporaries (a LOT of people).

Some important characters in the early story:

  • Eriham, a prophet who witnesses the return of the Lord of Shadows. He is searching for the sorcerers who defeated the Lord.
  • Torgyn, one of the three sorcerers who defeated the Lord in the war. Now in hiding as a holy man.
  • Efras, the apprentice of Torgyn. Adopts Jorvo after his mother dies in childbirth.
  • Star Eyes, once a mercenary who possessed a magical lance. Now the leader of the Holy Knights on the quest to find Zinzarel.
  • Sweetflower, a bard. Rumoured to be a secret princess, in possession of the magical lance which she stole from Star Eyes.
  • Jama, a cousin of Eriham and one of Jorvo’s first followers. She longs to join the Holy Knights.
  • Miklau, a young lord managing in the disputes that arise in his city because of Jorvo’s followers.


  • The Realm, the world of the living. At present, multiple empires and creeds fight for power.
  • Zinzarel, a mythical city. The first users of magic lived here and discovered the secrets of the universe. They city has disappeared, and the location is unknown. In legend, those who journey here will be gifted with magical abilities.
  • The Dark Realm, a limbo where souls go when they die until they are born again.

Hi there! Bring it on :wink:


So, they can do two things with it. They can make it corrupt (corrupting the lunar magick in the moonstone) and use its powers for themselves, or they can destroy it because lunar magick is the opposite of shadow magick meaning it’s a threat. The latter, I realized would make sense only yesterday, so…I haven’t decided. So far, they haven’t revealed what they want to do with the moonstone to anyone.

They can only be created. So far, only the Sorcerer of Ulk Pyne has been successful to the extent that he can live there.

The guy’s name is Galag Gorn. He’s a Professor rank Sorcerer. Ranks of Sorcerers from the lowest are Apprentice, Junior, Scholar, Professor, Arch (you can pronounce it as you see it, but it’s pronounced “ark”). Archs are extremely rare. Professor doesn’t necessarily mean they teach, but they can.

Galag didn’t become a teacher at the academy. Instead, he focused all his time on research, especially on Kattaluna and their magick, and the Ilvagis and their magick. The types of experiments he does are controversial in Sorcerer society, so he created a pocket realm to hide. So far, he hasn’t done anything outside of the realm, so the Sorcerer police faction let him be. As long as society is safe it’s fine to them :stuck_out_tongue:

He tampers with forbidden magick. There’s an entire book of forbidden magick and his goal is to try all of them. Some of them are forbidden because they’re too destructive. Others are forbidden because they play with life and death like resurrection magick which has permanent side effects.

Depends on where you go but at the highest level, slightly more advance than our current Earth. There’s teleportation but it’s not in the common household yet. The Hybrids (Human-native Elganians) have the most advanced electronic devices and virtual simulators. While they do have trains, cars, and buses, nothing runs on gas. Everything runs on electricity. Many opt to ride on the floating vehicles like grigs (scooters, but they float).

The most advanced city is a tie between Bairenshire City (Human city) and Taykitrooky City (Hybrid city where the High Collection Headquarters is). If I ever write a story taking place in those cities, I’ll probably find more startling technology :stuck_out_tongue:

I do know that in Bairenshire, in some places, meals come out in little cubes and you pop it into your mouth to have a full stomach.

To give you a sense of the lowest tech—the Kattaluna race cook over an open fire, they walk everywhere, and they don’t have electricity.

The Guardians keep the balance of Elgana. No one knows who they are and some doubt they even exist, but these immortals were once mortals chosen by the Chief Guardian Aurvandil (he’s like a creator, but not a ruler). Until the point of Pinti’s story, there’s been two generations.

The Guardians mask their powers so no one can tell how powerful they are, and hide amongst the mortals and live with them. Some choose to be wanderers and travel around the rings to make sure everything is in order. Guardians only intervene when something require their powers. Usually they leave it to the mortals to figure it out for themselves otherwise the mortals will never learn.

The Guardians also keep a close watch on corrupt magick wherever there is any. If it looks like the corrupt magick might harm the world in a really bad way, the Guardians will go and destroy it. But they can’t always go and destroy every little corruption that arises because the planet Elgana is all about balance. Where there is peace, there is also corruption. There can’t just be peace.

  • What is the Lord of the Shadows and why was he defeated before?
  • What happened to the sorcerers? Why is Torgyn in hiding?
  • Does Jorvo know who he is and is Efras aware of what Jorvo is?
  • What does the magical lance do? Can Sweetflower use the magical lance?
  • Why did Zinzarel disappear? Did someone make it disappear? (Zinzarel is a nice name. Rolls right off the tongue.)

  • What do people use to travel from place to place?

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answers :P

He has free control over regular memories and can recall them at will, but old and repressed memories can sometimes be a bit of a pickle to unbury by yourself. Sometimes an outside party can be helpful to dig up repressed memories, kinda like how a therapist works! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

His heart’s also kinda scarred, with literal pieces missing (clawed out), so he did need a bit of help sifting through his own head.

NO. :cowboy_hat_face:

There weren’t, but I love this idea, so now there definitely needs to be blood rivers :eyes:

There are seas with regular water, but now I also want blood oceans.

Nope. Most are water. Ah dang. I think there needs to be regular rain now.

Absolutely! Webb and Ryder are actually getting chased by a gang of bounty hunters on motorcycles right now in the story lol. They come from other cities, villages, towns, etc, or maybe they’re just nomads.

Questions :0

Has he ever had to do that before?

Are there any other instances of Aurvandil and Pinti interacting, either directly or indirectly? Also, What does Aurvandil look like?

I don’t believe you have! :eyes: They sound cool though! How does saying their name attract them?

What can’t Aurvandil take away their affliction? Are they immortal? Can they be destroyed? Has Pinti interacted with them at all yet?

Where do they meet? How long is the journey to the meeting place?

Typical human behavior :laughing:

That’s…also typical human behavior :rofl:

How does the size of Elgana compare to Earth? Is the gravity the same? Do humans weigh the same on Elgana as they did on Earth? Is the atmosphere composition the the same? How does the population compare? Are all the plants completely different species from Earth?

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What if there was an ocean that is half regular water and half ghost blood? Like if one is heavier than the other, maybe there could be layers?

Hi, I’ve been away for two weeks and I’m kind of lost with where I was with asking questions :stuck_out_tongue: I remember being on a roll but now I’ve lost it.

Are there any aspects of your story you’d like to talk about?

I think so. It’s about the Guardian powers I’m assuming. Idk what happened to all of the Zero Generation Guardians, but I’m suspecting that after the first few Azarks, he probably had to look into the others to see if any of them were turning corrupt.

Aurvandil is a black-furred Kattaluna with golden vines etched into his arms and legs. They glow brighter when he uses his magick. Aurvandil and Pinti do eventually interact directly. She gives him a piece of her mind :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems like I described them. They are created out of corrupt Guardians who were too greedy. Azarks are never satisfied. They hunger for magick and souls all the time. They can also travel between realms, except to Aurvandil’s personal realm.

Saying their name out loud is like a spell. It calls to them and they find you.

Aurvandil cannot heal them. It’s a permanent thing. They are immortal. Supposedly Guardians, who are the counterparts of Azarks, can destroy them.

Pinti will not interact with them. That’s not her story.

In the HC headquarters in the Second Ring. The head people live there. They have suites and stuff. Their subordinates can live there in dorms if they want to. Yes, they have monthly meetings, but it’s not like they’re not working all the other days. It’s a busy place.

Elgana with all the planets altogether is bigger than Earth. I think gravity is the same. I usually don’t think about that stuff :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe a little bit lighter feeling?

The atmosphere is different, I would think. Because there is magick in the air in different densities. I think that would affect something. There’s oxygen. There might actually be more oxygen here than Earth. I don’t think there’s a lot of CO2…

The population, well, Earth is in its over-populated apocalyptic era, so probably Earth is more.

As for plants, I was thinking about this a little because I do have species on Elgana that are the same on Earth. Or are they? Maybe this tree looks oak, and the Humans named it oak, but it’s not the same oak as the one on Earth?

Idk. Mushrooms, oranges, corn, apple, maple, raspberries, lavender, wheat are some of the plants and crops that have appeared… well, are they the same? Idk XD Taking no more questions :stuck_out_tongue: