Vote for best "cute/sweet" name

out of these names which do you think fits a sweet soft kind of character, who sees the best and everyone and will go out of her way to try and make people happy/feel better

  • Violet (Vio, Vi, Lettie)
  • Anastasia (Stasia, Tas, Sia, )
  • Dizzy (Diz, Izz, izzy, D)
  • Grace (Gracie, Gray, Ace)
  • Olivia (Oli, Liv, Livi, Via)
  • Hazel (Haz, Haze, Aze, Zel)
  • Darby (Darb, Dardar)
  • Davina (Davi, Vin, Ina Avi)
  • Sophia (Sophi, Soph, Soso, Phia, Pea Sops)
  • Evangeline (Evie, Eve, Ellie, Gilly, Eva)
  • Ophelia (Oppi, Effie, Fifi, Filia, O, Phelia,)

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I knew a friend who had a cat named Darby, and she was the sweetest cat ever.

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Vio seems real grrr like violation I suggest letty to replace it

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idk why but at polls the 1st option always seemed the best :joy: i almost picked that too but changed my mind after i scrolled more haha

I think Dizzy is cute and fun, and it’s also a name that is a little less common. Idk about you, but I typically like names that aren’t used all the time lol