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Come one, come all, Wacky Writers! It’s NaNoWriMo season.
It is now National Novel Writing Month, also known as NaNoWriMo, where writers from all over the world work tirelessly throughout the month of November. What do they do, you ask? Write 50k words in thirty days.

Ash (@Forever_D_A) and I will be writing novels this month, taking on the challenge alongside other writers and you, fellow Wacky Writer! Just like last month we will have a support post every week, with the intention of bettering you and your novel. Not only will we be writing alongside you, but we will also take part in the prompts we post as well!

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–Ash and Ink
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Wacky NaNo Sprint Schedule


See a time here that doesn’t fit your schedule? Let us know! We will be happy to accommodate and add times so that we can all take part in some sprints together!

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The highest word count leaderboard tracks everyone’s highest word count. This updates once a week, and check-in is not required to stay on the leaderboard. But in order to move up, your word count will have to increase. This is based on words written only during November. If you are using NaNoWriMo to write for an already started work in progress, you must report the word count of the words written during the month of November. At the end of the month, should there be a tie for first place, the tie-breaker will be the highest recorded daily word count.

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I can get us started and introduce myself!!

NaNo Username (So we can support you on the official NaNoWriMo site!): W.L.Ink
Preferred Pronouns: She/Her
Potential Story Titles?: The Dragon’s Labyrinth
Genre(s): Dark Fantasy, Action
Summary (or what you have so far):

A Dark Mix of The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner

Many years after being thrown into prison for a crime he did not commit, Rhydian finally has the chance to be released. He is chosen to participate in the Dragon’s Labyrinth, a trial put together by King Bedwyr to entertain the masses–to wipe away all guilt and deem the victor innocent.

But will the Dragon’s Labyrinth turn a kindhearted, innocent man into a cold-blooded murderer?

Anything else?: I’m excited to take part in NaNoWriMo for the first time! I’m a plantser, so I’ve been doing some planning but not much. Can’t wait to meet you all!



Nano Username: A.R.Willows
Pronouns: They/Them
Titles: :woman_shrugging:
Genre: Audience is NA
Summary: based off of whats happening to me rn lol

Anything else: This’ll be my third year doing NaNo (though last year I was unsuccessful) I’m super excited to be doing this!



NaNo Username (So we can support you on the official NaNoWriMo site!): MrsO134
Preferred Pronouns: She
Potential Story Titles?: Vanishing Acts
Genre(s): General fiction/Romance
Summary (or what you have so far): Having a child at seventeen years old was never part of Adelina’s plan; but when she found out she was expecting a child by her best friend, life as she knew it, changed. She gave up her dreams of being a midwife and found herself growing up.
That was until she met John. Together, they embarked on a relationship complicated by Adelina’s impending parenthood.

Quinn was eleven when she was told John was not her father. She wasn’t surprised, and she was even less surprised when her mother told her that her ‘Uncle’ Isaac was actually her biological father. When Isaac left his job at a hair salon for a promotion, Quinn could finally turn the sly flirting from another stylist, Mark, into something more than just a fantasy they both shared.
With him being ten years older than her, Quinn knew all three of her parents would disapprove, so they embarked on their affair in secret. It had been a year

since Quinn had disappeared without so much as a note the day after she had turned sixteen years old. Her disappearance had taken its toll on Adelina, and her marriage, which was already on the brink. She had just about given up hope, when a surprise on the internet leads her to believe that her daughter was alive and in what she would consider a worse fate than death. Adelina’s discovery leads her to question exactly how well did she know her own daughter?

Anything else?: I’m hoping to upload it on Wattpad as I go along so here it is on WP so far :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome!! Your story sounds really interesting :relaxed:

Don’t forget to join the @The_NaNoers group so you can get notifications when we release our support posts :slight_smile:


Oh I forgot to click it, I have done now :rofl:




All good!! We’re going to make support posts a few days a week, so keep an eye out for those :wink:


YAY!!! It’s scary how close it is now! lol


I know ;-; I’m equally stressed as I am excited. I’m hoping doing NaNo this year will help me with my time management lol


NaNo Username (So we can support you on the official NaNoWriMo site!): Haven’t got around to making an account yet, but I will do soon
Preferred Pronouns: she/her
Potential Story Titles?: not sure yet
Genre(s): middle grade fantasy
Summary (or what you have so far): Honestly, I don’t have much yet, but it basically takes place at a magic boarding school and is kinda a murder mystery thing.
Anything else?: This is my first year doing nano and I’m super excited!


First year NaNo buddies!! :relaxed:


NaNo Username (So we can support you on the official NaNoWriMo site!): L’Amour’s Lovelies
Preferred Pronouns: She/her
Potential Story Titles?: With Love (and) Land of the Silver Birch (25k each) - possibly a nano rebel due to this
Genre(s): Historical fic
Summary (or what you have so far):
With Love (very loosely based off of Mulan)
Jingming Jilpa is the only child of her aging parents. When war breaks out in China, a declaration goes out that all men, sixteen and up are to fight for their country.
Though he is sickly, Tu, her father signs his name. He has no choice.
Jilpa’s best friend’s brother, Yongping Jun has had a crush on Jilpa since he was able to walk, and though he is only fourteen, offers to take the place of Jingming. He is turned down immediately by Jilpa’s father but he refuses to listen, enlisting in the war under disguise as the illegitimate son of Tu.
The soldier’s don’t suspect anything, and are pleased to see that Jingming Tu and Jun have enlisted.
No one assumes anything is amiss until Jun doesn’t return home and Jilpa, unaware of Jun’s actions, has run off under her father’s name.
It is dishonor and hefty punishment to deceive the government.
What can their parents do but watch, pray and wait?

Land of the Silver Birch:
Ayalisse hated history class for as long as she could remember. Why then, of all people, did she have to discover the portal that would hurl her back in time to the 1860s?

The death of one parent would be hard enough for an only child, but when her mother loses her life in a freak drive by shooting in Oshawa, the only world she’s ever known, Ayalisse’s life spirals out of control. Used to being organized and in control of any chaos that comes her way, suddenly she’s lost all control. As a minor, Ayalisse is sent to live with her Memere in a cozy little town in New Brunswick. When her grandmother begins to fight dark memories, dealing with a severely depressed husband on top of her struggle with MS, tending for Ayalisse becomes too much for her to bear. Ayalisse’s father’s brother offers to take his niece into his country home on the border of Vermont and Quebec. He’s got his hands full with his sickly son, but figures the change of scenery, and a calmer pace will do her a world of good as it did for her cousin. Like a worn out pair of jeans, Ayalisse bobbles from family to family whom she barely knows. She is desperate to find a place where she can grieve alone, trying to rebuild her life after everyone she’s loved is ripped from her. Grief is the strangest thing. One moment you are wetting your pillow during the night hours with a heavy flood of tears, the next you are lashing out even at those who are trying to comfort. It was bound to happen, she the only daughter of her parents, and cousin Augustus the only child of his. After a fight, Ayalisse flees to take refuge far away from the place she’d never asked to land up in, and finds herself hurled into yet another world.
How much can she take?
Is this world more accepting?
Will she be able to heal, or will it cause more damage to her already frail heart?
Anything else?:
Both have a few plot holes and need more research but they’re nearly plotted to completion. Definitely eager to start before my momentum takes off. I should mention we have a thread for NaNo going for a few weeks now (started by yours truly :stuck_out_tongue: ) I don’t have much things to offer as this group will have, but chatters are welcome over there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I won NaNo last year, so I know it’s doable <3


Wow! Two books? That sounds like a lot of work :sweat_smile: But I bet you can definitely do it :3 We will be posting a few different prompts that might help you plan :blush:


NaNo Username (So we can support you on the official NaNoWriMo site!): smolwren
Preferred Pronouns: they/them
Potential Story Titles?: Trial & Ink
Genre(s): dark fantasy
Summary (or what you have so far): n/a
Anything else?: excited to be here !!


Very much exciting!
Yes ma’am, I’d say three, but that would include another profile on WP :stuck_out_tongue: Also, half a book. I know when signingecho was doing writeathons on here we were making stellar progress.
(sound like my dad but… Not to brag, but, at one point I managed 8K in a day)

Opening NaNo to follow you all. I’m the pfp of the tabby in the green blankie.