Wacky's Demographics - 10 Quick Questions

I speak and write in English and Japanese, but for writing fiction, only English :wink: Oh, so, if anyone wants to know about Japanese schools and Japanese life, I can answer and I have :blush:

I also chose mixed and Asian because I’m Japanese-American. My mom loves to say how we have French and Italian blood, but to be honest, it’s so, so little in her, I doubt I have any left in me :stuck_out_tongue:

I said I like the social aspect, but I mean in The Chatters mainly and not necessarily the encouragement / venting although it’s nice to have spaces for that :blush:

I also do like the advertising aspect, but I didn’t choose it because there’s not much going on to be honest :sweat_smile: If I had more opportunity to, I’m sure I would have checked that box. The story sharing section refreshing every week isn’t something I can keep up with, personally, so I haven’t been doing anything with that.


Thanks for your thorough answer, it’s very nice to hear!

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Just want to see if this can get any new replies for a thorough representation :blush: