Wackywriters writing website?

Have you guys ever thought of making your own WackyWriters writing website where people can post their stories on, but make it look like and function like the Wattpad of eight years ago? People would love that. It would get popular fast.


Sure, go win the lottery or break into a bank and we’ll be right on it! :rofl:

Alternatively, we also accept sugar daddies/mommas.


I personally would love that!
The wattpad I love is no longer alive. It’s kind of sad that as a reader it’s hard to enjoy and read books for free.
I wouldn’t call it wacky writers though. Maybe something else…


Or add it into wackywriters :flushed: but I guess we’ll have to sell more than a few dragon notebooks.

@icymonkey2004 Yeah.


I’d love to have one! But it is quite expensive… whoops


Not sure if you missed the point or just half hsha, but yeah, it’s not technically impossible (for anyone), just super expensive. Why do you think they’re all scrambling for cash through various premium programs of all sorts? :woman_shrugging: Gotta keep the business afloat


That sounds like a pretty cool idea.

Who is going to make it happen?


I was sorta joking yeah. I get it really.

@qualeshia3 My sugar daddy, who I am yet to find.


What was Wattpad like eight years ago? I’ve only been there about five years, so I’d love to know what I missed. (♯^.^ღ)


So, on a more serious note, this is something that has been on the fringes of my radar since about the time we launched this forum. I’ve been getting requests for something like this since about that time and I’ve had a test server spun up for a while to test a variety of ways we might be able to go about accomplishing this.

Here are the major roadblocks we face.

  • Money: As a few of the members of my team have pointed out, building something like this on the level that would compete with sites like Wattpad/Inkitt is…a lot lol. We barely make enough each month to keep the forums running, much less a big site like that. There are ways to find money, though, so let’s assume for a minute we aren’t facing that obstacle.
  • Perks: The reason some of these writing sites get popular is because there are perks for writing/reading for them. The main one, of course, is being published/converted to visual media in some way. As of this moment, we don’t have any network contacts who could help us with that, though, of course, going back to number one, there’s always a way to accomplish that. Between myself and other members of the team, I think we could put together a pretty successful publishing company if we ever wanted to. Which brings me to the next point.
  • Staffing: If you ever have a moment when you think of it, be sure you thank the mods on occasion. We’re a very small team running what’s now a nearly 1k+ community (amazing when you remember our start date was July 31 last year) but we all have our hands very full all the time (thus our call for new team members right now). The entire team is volunteer-based, nobody is getting paid to do these jobs. We would need additional people to help moderate the site for content that violates rules (like posting pornographic visual content for example) as well as having “customer support” options for the site because there will always need to be a way for users to contact us in the event something breaks or they’re having problems.
  • Expertise: I have a background in tech, yes, but not the kind that would help me put together a website that supports both reader functionality AND writing functionality. For example, giving users the options to post a work, and then add on to that work in chapter format, plus putting visual media (a cover) on the front of it, plus giving other users the opportunity to vote/comment is VERY VERY extensive and requires a lot of expertise in website building that I, unfortunately, do not have. I have been taking classes to at least scratch the surface on some of these things, but realistically, we would need a dedicated builder to put something like this together. Which, again, goes back to point number one.
  • Competition: Wattpad is not the only writing site out there. There is also Inkitt, Tapas (though they are more geared toward comics right now, I know they’re trying to branch into novels), Booksie, Royal Road, plus sites like Ao3 which isn’t really designed to look pretty but still has a big user base of readers and writers. There are other sites out there with more funding and staffing and established user bases than we have, so there’s a point where we have to decide if it’s worth entering what is, actually, a pretty competitive landscape.

So when you ask:

Trust me, yes, there has been extensive thought and conversation about how we might be able to accomplish this. :joy:

That’s not to say we’re throwing out the idea altogether, believe me, if someone were to magically dump ten grand on us at any given point, that’s the first thing we’d be doing. If I had my way and a Wacky Writers (name tbd) website were to somehow gain traction, I’d like to see it be something like this:

  • Home page includes rotating lists of “newly updated” works, “new author” works (for users who just posted their first work), and “trending” works (not trending for years, think last 30 days, based on a combination of reads and “favorites” (not votes)), plus a “most popular based on XYZ time frame” area. There would also be a place for genre-specific trending works.
  • Home page would also feature “our” picks and favorites, much like the Editor’s list that Wattpad has today, along with any books we would (hypothetically) have published in the last 6 months.
  • You would be able to select specific genres and search for tags within individual genres or across genres, based on your preference. Obviously of course you could search by title or author. You would have the option to sort based on the rotating lists I mentioned on the home page (Newest, Trending, Recently Updated, Most Popular All Time)
  • User interface would include user profiles (that you can make pretty and customize, instead of just plain text) with your list of works. Clicking a work as the author gives you the option to read (without ads) your own work or edit your work. Clicking a work as a different user just gives you the option to read.
  • Ranking systems would be based on a combination of reads and “favorites” (not votes, though basically the same thing). There would also be an option for reviews with a more complex ranking system (very similar to Inkitt, I would imagine). Users will be able to also vote (thumbs up) how helpful a review was to encourage users to write meaningful reviews, which would be awarded with badges or titles as being an excellent reviewer (which would influence the ranking system I have in mind. If you get a good review from a known “excellent reviewer,” it has slightly more weight, which encourages readers to be thoughtful and R4Rs to have more meaning).

In a perfect world, Wacky Writers would have an annual contest (like the Wattys) to select books we’d be interested in publishing/getting published/marketing etc assuming we had the right resources and contacts to do so. Or at the very least, help put together a self-publishing package for the winning authors with professional-level editing, covers, copy, blurbs, etc.

So yes, it’s very much been a subject of extensive thought and conversation, and if the forum continues to do well and we’re able to stand on our own as opposed to a shaky-legged deer that’s just been born and might fall over at any minute, it is a project we would like to eventually tackle.


Much better than it was now, for sure. It had clubs, PMs, a meebo messaging system, a fairer ranking system, a newsfeed, a better way to connect with readers.

If I had ten grand, I’d dump it on you but I don’t. You bring up some great, fair points.

Yes, kinda like Wattpad was back in the day.

I really love this concept, to be honest.

Yes, the Wackies lol.

I hope that we get bigger, and a magic sugar daddy dumps money on this. It sounds like an amazing concept, but realistically I’m happy with what we have now. I love this community. It’s a good place so far, and I like the staff. Thank you for this in-depth reply. I genuinely appreciate it.


Wattpad 8 years ago was a MUCH smaller site. Fewer writers, less competition. It was fun because it was small, and everyone was in it together, if you know what I mean. It was small because the concept was new – and that isn’t true anymore.

ANY site that is built now is going to have a massive flood of writers trying to get noticed. I’m not sure it’s POSSIBLE to have a site like Wattpad of yester-year unless the number of writers was capped. Capping writers might impact reader interest – and if you’re not getting the READERS Wattpad got back then (when it was the only kid on the block), it might not be worth having the “old Wattpad” anyway.

A site that both capped writers AND vetted them, ensuring books on the site were higher quality and more likely to be finished could be an interesting idea. But that would almost certainly block the newbies, and that was a big part of the charm of the old Wattpad.


That’s… Very extensive. I hadn’t even considered most of those factors…
If I ever get into trad pub, which is the current plan, I’ll try to build some of those contacts we’d need. Hopefully, by the time we might reach this level, I’ll also be a designer professionally, so that’s another thing less to worry about.
Though we’d also have to generate enough revenue to pay staff. Undoubtedly, such a venture would require staff-that is actually hired.


In terms of getting money to fund something like this, I dropped someone a message about this ages ago (not about this specifically, but about how to make money for WW in general) but it disappeared into the void and I forgot to follow up on it. Now I can’t remember who it was who was interested… @alcoholandcaffeine remember?

@CJtheSiteWizard If I was able to find my old message, is it worth me sharing with you? It might be stuff you’ve already thought of :woman_shrugging:t3:


Hey even if it is, every little thing helps. I am always interested in other people’s ideas, especially for something like this.

I had given some thought to a Kickstarter, but I’m not sure we have enough traction yet for that to be effective.


You’re saying you’d need 10k and you have 1k followers?

So, if you could convince everybody on here to donate 10$ ONCE, that would hit your minimum?

Fellas and fellow users of wacky, 10$ isn’t that much to contribute. If y’all are really serious about something like this, you gotta be willing to put in the ink and sweat behind it. Also you gotta accept that it isn’t going to be pretty and gorgeous of the bat.

@CJtheSiteWizard I know a guy who does web design for a living. Been doing it for a few years. Idk what his exact skill sets and rates are, but he is an indie author as well so… maybe he’d be open?


I’d happily put more than $10 towards this if we had a solid plan, and everyone was serious about it. The hard part is organising it, right? And making sure that the vision comes to life.


In that case, is there a way to find every private message you’ve ever sent on this site, even if it didn’t get a response? Looking under my profile, I can see all my messages from the beginning of time, but not the one I sent to this person… maybe because I never got a response? Do you know of a way of finding it? I’m not sure I can remember all my ideas as they were not all the obvious stuff.


Yes, but that also assumes it would be every member of the forums, and some either aren’t very active or signed up and haven’t been around in awhile, so I’m not sure the likelihood would be very high.

I actually have a bunch of contacts in web design, including the dev I used to work with at my old job who puts together all the really ugly backend stuff and then I give him the frontend stuff to make it pretty. :rofl:

Exactly this.

Yes, there should be folders for both “Sent” and “Archive” that should have messages that were never responded to or messages you may have deleted.


my cynical a$$ wants to say that this :point_down:

is the harder part.

But yeah, I totally get that this is somewhere between conception and brainchild, and we’re all curious if it will make it through birth (okie sorry sorry that’s dark lol).