Wackywriters writing website?

This kind of reminds me of crunchyroll where they have you choose what ad you want to watch (either a shorter or longer one)


I would take an advert about clothes over a shorter TIK TOK one any day.


So yeah that probably means it’s hypothetically possible to allow selections lol


How did Wattpad functioned 8 years ago? I joined it about 7 years ago.


Then again, I also think that would call for vetting stuff. We could apply this only to the books that are actually good-- like at least levels A and B. And I think we could also try something new- a site geared towards writers more than readers. One that has tons of feedback based on the story, chances to get individual feedback from industry professionals, and maybe something like Critique Partner matches encouraged by us based on genre and style of book.
Of course, we could have a section that caters to readers, and I really hope we can keep the ‘inline comment’ trend working. I love that feature and I was really surprised when other sites didn’t have it. I think we could make it ‘annotate’, sort of like how we would do with paperback/hardback books.
Another thing that generates revenue for Wattpad are it’s various writing contests- the ones where they ally with major companies and brands to promote something. We might need to do something like that as well.


I really appreciate you and all the mods who are keeping Wackywriters a good, safe place for all kinds of writers.

Having been on Figment and having seen what happens when mods and admins just up and give up, and then having spam take over the forums like a storm and having to battle that as users who can’t do anything else… (we who cared really, really fought for Figment to stay up. We tried to keep as active as possible so maybe Random House might reconsider throwing the site away) All of this made me realize how HARD it must be to keep on track of a community site. Not just writing. Any.

I can’t freely spend money right now, but once I can, I’ll full-on support in any way I can. Idk what you would put on it, but if Wackys gets a patreon, I’ll be there.

I really appreciate this site. This site together with various groups on FB and my Insta following, the writing connection is fulfilled :blush:


Thank you so much Tiger that means a lot. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It seems there may be a bigger draw for “someplace new” than I’d originally thought, so I’m looking into options for funding and mocking up some site concepts to see if I can at least get an idea of what a site itself would cost to build.


I’ve been lurking for awhile now.

I kinda wish I could help with that some because I do have some experience…

It’s just all much smaller scale… Like freelance graphics designer website type thing and primitive Javascript experience (still in my first year of class, actually…), so nothing really with big interactive portions or of the complexity needed for this…


I love this community for this reason because everyone wants to do whatever they can to help, in whatever way they can, so thank you for sharing your skill set. :heart: I think it’s very clear that there is a need/want/opportunity in the market to establish a writing community that is based on the community. I think many of these sites are started with the expectation of just “people want to share their books and read free ones” and there’s a market for that yes, but what makes them so special is the community aspect of it, which Wattpad had for a while, but seems to be moving away from. As I mentioned, I have mock-ups started and maybe I’ll share some of them sometime when they’re more fleshed out, but there’s a lot more interest in this than I originally imagined so I think it’s definitely worth investigating if it’s possible to pull off.


If you ever want a mod, idea director, marketer, I’m here.


I’ll be happy to help anytime with anything you want, so do let me know!


Granted, I only joined wattpad maybe three years ago max, so I don’t know what it was like further back thn that. But I’ve never been terribly impressed by the site or how it functions. I’d much rather see a site like Ao3 for original stories rather than fanfic. The tagging system is better, and it’s easier to navigate and much simpler.

Personally, I also like knowing that there isn’t a chance to be published because it’s less competitive and more relaxed. It’s just people sharing stories and helping each other with feedback in the comments. You can leave kudos as a compliment but there are no votes to make things compettitive and stressful. If I’m going to publish my work, I’d rather do it on my own than hope for some website to do it for me only to be crushed when I’m not chosen and feel like I’m not good enough compared to other authors. Truth be told, when wattpad does that, it’s got a lot more to do with luck than quality.

Just give me a simple site where people can share stories together in a friendly, relaxed environment. Discussion forums would be nice too, but that’s just about the only function I’d add that Ao3 doesn’t really have. Money is still an issue with running something like that, but Ao3 gets by pretty well and every time I’ve seen them try to raise money through donations, they exceed their goal in less than a day or two and by several tens of thousands of dollars. It can be done. We just need people that know how to do it.