Wanna make graphics for Wacky's Insta?

Hey, folks! Long time no chat :smile: Hope you’re all keeping well and enjoying the (rather slow imo) start to autumn :maple_leaf: I come to you with a plea and an offer!

The plea is in the title: we need Instagram graphics! We started our account at the beginning of the year, hoping to engage and expand our community, in order to be able to keep crowdfunding the forum. To be quite transparent with you all, it hasn’t worked as well as we would have hoped.

The main issue is, now that we’re all leaving the house a lot, we have a lot less time and energy to dedicate to maintaining our Instagram profile. And even though we’ve got a stock of picture posts to last us for our current schedule a while (thank you, @TheTigerWriter :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:), we feel like we need to shake things up a bit to try and rejuvenate the account.

This is where you come in! I was thinking to dedicate the month of October to community-created posts, and we’d share one each day from the graphics you submit. The content is up to you – as long as it has something do with reading/writing/publishing/creativity, and it is your own content. It can be text, photography, art/drawings, quotes, prompts, challenges, carousels, reels, etc etc. Preferably with a dash of #spookyszn.

Ideally, we’d like a lot of reels. As many as possible, lol. These are the hardest to make, but if you have the possibility and the inspiration, go nuts!

Picture posts are great as well! If we get a lot of them (that is, more than 31), we can even post twice a day sometimes or extend the month into November. If this works out, I think it would be a great feature for the December holidays, as well! We will of course credit you if we publish your post :heart:

We have a colour scheme you can follow if you’d like, but October being #spookyszn, I think we can be quite liberal about that. Do make sure you leave some room for our logo and handle, though, you can review our grid so far over here: https://www.instagram.com/wacky_writers/

As for our offer – 'tis a rather humble one. If you have an Instagram and are following us, let us know, so we can follow you back! we are @wacky_writers on Insta, in case you wanna look us up. Drop your handle and we’ll give you a follow :beautifulheart:

That’s it for now! If you have any thoughts and questions, feel free to fire away!


Oooooh I’m definitely interested! :eyes: I’m following y’all as jellyghost14 on Instagram.

If we do make any graphics, what would be the best way to send them to you? Do you have a png of the WackyWriters logo or of Wisp that we could download and add to the graphics ourselves?

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Just followed you back! :smiley:

You can PM me or one of the mods on here, or you can hit us up on Discord, or I could also give you an email address if you’d like. We do have a few types of logo, black, white, Wacky colours, with or without text, and a lot of Wisp pngs, though mostly chibi Wisps.

Something like this:

That’s not all of it but we can probably share stuff as you need it.


Bumpity bump :face_holding_back_tears: