Wanna show off our favorite mugs and cups that we drink out of?!

I am feeling a bit fun today. And while I am figuring things out for my story and drinking coffee, I thought it would be nice if we could show off our favorite drinking cup or mug.

My Turn:

It’s the word “pink” spread out around in capitalization.
Ain’t it cute and big?!

Ignore the stuff around it. LOL!

Now, it is your turn!


Lol I thought that was a huge tv and this mug was a joke because I thought the scale of the picture was a lot bigger :joy: I was gonna say, you can’t drink out of a mug as big as that!! I’m clearly just a bit dumb lmao.


LOL! Nah, that is just my second monitor.
Yes, the cup is fairly big and a bit wide.

You’re not dumb. LOL!

Also, do you have a favorite cup or mug that you drink out of? If not, do you have a cup or mug that you are drinking out of now or something?


I see it normally now haha.

I don’t really have a favourite, but I have ones that someone else uses that I refuse to drink out of because they feel weird to me lol. I am not drinking anything right now though. But earlier I was using a handmade Italian mug that has a flower painted on the side :slight_smile:

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Show me, show me!

I need a picture(s)!

Pretty please!


I’ll take a picture later for you!

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Cool. I shall await your return.
I’m hoping that I get more comments by then. LOL!

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Hopefully! I also want to look at all the mugs!

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This is my current favourite mug. It was out of a pound shop (so yeah it literally was £1) for Mothers Day in the UK this year, but ironically, one of my male MCs in one of my books calls the eventual love interest “my daisy” - she loves daisies and it becomes a symbol in the book. So I saw it and I had to get it for writing and editing.
It’s suddenly my favourite mug. Weirdly gets my inspiration going

Otherwise, I collect Disney mugs. I have a mandolorian shaped one with a hat, or I have this one:

My late grandfather’s favourite Disney ride was “It’s a Small World”, and a few years ago they did a limited collection on the Disney store. I bought it, it was like 2 years after he died, so it felt fitting to get it. It’s my other favourite mug because of that :heart:



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Aww! These are so cute!
I love it!

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Lol. I have a few I still like, but most mine are just bought because the previous broke.

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I can not wait!

This was a gift from my friend/editor. I love it


Some of ours:

L-R: thrift store 70s mug, graduation mug, Dillard’s Coffee Processing Unit mug, thrift store local kiln firing

Dillard’s Napkin Print mug, Valentine’s gift, one of two (I like his beard, I like her butt) Christmas or anniversary gift, Husband’s Packman mug (Christmas gift from the baby)


These are really cool and cute looking to me.

Aww…how funny! LOL!
I love it!

Hey, you’re back!

That is a really cute and simple mug!

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Yes! It’s pretty and it feels nice to hold and it’s not too chunky or heavy which I don’t like about other certain mugs because they just feel too clonky (?) idk how to describe. This is near close to the perfect mug for me personally lol.

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That’s great! :slightly_smiling_face:

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