Want to discuss about our trunk novels and ideas?

A trunk novel in short is a novel you wrote but decided to toss it in the trunk and never touched it ever again. It was one of those novels that you were either hopeful towards, but the hope eventually died out or you decided to push to the side or rather toss in the trunk and not touch it until the time is right.

These novels are definite signs of “not your greatest work” while others aren’t your greatest work…yet.

Which of your possibly many trunk novels have you thought would get you far, but you ended up scrapping the whole thing entirely much later?

Points if it was an idea that you were going to make a novel, but never did and completely pushed it away. Or you wrote some of it then decided to push it away for some other time (yet you never went back to it) or you decided to set it on fire because it was hot garbage that wouldn’t even become your favorite or someone else’s favorite.

My Turn:

My trunk novels are actually ideas rather than full blown novels. However, I did have a moment where I wrote a few chapters of it but ended up stopping on certain chapter then that was it because I never went back to it.

I would list them all, but I have WAY too many to place down. So, I am going to list the ones that stuck with me partly.

  1. The Chronicles of Genesis would have become a novel series with many books. It was set on a fictional planet called Genesis and follow into the life of some boy name Christopher Alessandro Siegfried who is the offspring of a god and the chosen one who is destined to save the world from some guy who is either the offspring of an evil god or reincarnation of an evil deity who led an evil organization and planned to take over the world or something. Christopher allied with others who were also children of gods or reincarnations of deities.

I never went anywhere with that story after a certain number of chapters, but it did spiral into other novels with the same concept but slightly different.

  1. Ridah Bloodz was about some princess named Miranda who yearns for adventure who ends up meeting and befriending a female knight named Rayleigh/Ridah who was framed for murdering her king and is now a wanted criminal trying to clear her name. Didn’t get far with that one either. LOL!

  2. The Book of Krilm and Dark Bible Sarantons was a complicated ass story about some guy named Hakim who was searching for a legendary tome to fight against the bad guys or something along those lines.

  3. The Three C’s: Cries, Compassion, and Consideration was supposed to be about a girl named Cassandra who wanted to finish her aunt’s novel along with either solving the mystery behind her death or use that finishing her aunt’s novel as an excuse to get close to her.

  4. Dandelion and Kaleidoscopes has different plot ideas to it, but the overall gist of it was a girl who lives with her mother ends up going to stay with her grandmother who is the monarch of some kingdom and instead of becoming a princess, the grandmother makes her a servant. The girl’s mother was an author who wrote a book called “dandelions and kaleidoscopes” and I never did try to figure out what would happen next.

  5. The Strange Case of a Fallen Angel is where fallen angels are actually parasites that latch onto good natured people and force them to commit horrible acts of crime that can’t be explained. A girl named Brianna wanted to put a stop to it because her brother (or she) killed their family or something along those lines.

  6. Angel Noir was going to be about a gang member trying to escape from a life of crime and ends up taking care of some little girl who he found or it could have been about an ex-gangster struggling to care for his daughter while trying to stop away from the life of crime.

There are plenty more, but those are the ones I remember and that scares me a bit. LOL!

What about you? What are your trunk novels and trunk novel ideas?



Oooh, I’ve never heard of this before. I don’t have any trunk novels. When I start a novel, the first thing I think about is what message I want to convey, and as long as I believe in the message I finish the book. And I always believe in the message, so I always finish the book. I can’t imagine setting a book aside once you begin it. __〆(..)


That is interesting. It good that you stick with it till the end.

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To be honest, I’ve never heard of this until yesterday.
So, I had no idea that word even existed. LOL!

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Let’s just discuss everything I write then :slight_smile:


We can if you want to. :grin:

Happy Birthday again, by the way! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! :slight_smile:

I have an idea about a kissed off ex trying to get the engagement back from his partner.

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Pissed off lol

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LMAO! I knew that I was teasing you!

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You sure? :wink:

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Yeah. LOL!

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I have this idea and now I wanna write it.

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You are a serious writing multi-tasker, for real! LOL!
How many novels are you trying to write at the moment?

I am just curious.

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  1. The one about the Churro oligarchs son.

  2. Jey and Tony.

  3. The PTSD one.

  4. The one about the engagement ring.

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Really? So, there were only four?
I honestly thought you had more than that.

I apologize if that came off as rude or something.

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Those are all of the back burner LOL

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Ah, now I see. Those are the trunk novels and ideas you have worth mentioning.


Slightly off topic: I am surprised I still remember some of mine.

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And why? :wink:

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