Wanted cover for new romance/general fic book!


I’m currently writing the first chapter of a new book [stupid this close to NaNo but I’m pretty nuts lol]

I plan on posting the first chapter when it’s done, so in a few days hopefully! All I need is a cover!
I can give anyone who tries a follow, obviously I’ll give credit to which cover I use! :slight_smile:

Title: Perfectly Unexpected
Author: Alex Orchard
Genre: Romance/New Adult/General fiction


Tabitha had only known love twice in her life.
Her first love was her childhood friend, Gray, who broke her heart when he moved away to London when she was seventeen.
The second time she knew love was when she met Tyler when she moved into university, who managed to make her forget all about Gray. After a whirlwind romance, they got married when Tabitha was twenty-one.

She had known she had wanted children all her life, as did Tyler. Together, they decided to start trying as soon as they were married.
However, it never happened.
After a turbulent four years, they finally get fertility tests and during an appointment, they find out Tyler is infertile.

The devastating results are not the only thing Tabitha finds out during that afternoon, with one of the nurses turning out to be Gray, her childhood sweetheart and best friend.

After confiding in Gray about her and Tyler’s troubles, he offers her help to become a mother. However, Tabitha finds herself torn between her marriage and her want to be a mother, along with long buried feelings for Gray resurfacing.

Will the offer from Gray bring Tabitha the glue to bring her marriage back from the brink, or will it send her running into the arms of her childhood sweetheart all over again?

Ideas: I’m pretty open to any ideas really. But I’m thinking something maybe romantic, or something like a rose. I really don’t have many ideas (because I’m useless at this kinda thing lol)
I love a cursive font, so if it could have that, that’d be amazing!
My MC [Tabitha] has ginger/red hair and green eyes if that helps.

If anyone needs anymore info, fire away!
Thanks in advance if anyone can help :smiley:

Will try if I have time!

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Thank you <3

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How’s this?

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Oooo that’s really lush.
Thank you!!!

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Are you still looking?

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Yes please! I have one but it just doesn’t feel right haha. Take your time though! :slight_smile: thank you!