Was it made up or did it actually happen???

Have you ever had a memory from your childhood that you are certain happened, since you remember one or two vague things from the memory that you know is real, but then you are still questioning if that memory was made-up or did it really happen?

You can’t ask anybody in your family if they remember it because chances are they don’t. But you have moments in your life that pertains to that memory, but it is all vague. This leaves you wondering if it happened or you are just making things up.

My Turn:

So, last night, I had a constant thought about something from my childhood. It involves ballet, a children’s book, and school. That is all my mind can remember and it is vague. The thing is that I’ve been trying to remember what the children’s book was about because from my memory the book was strange. I can’t remember the title or even who the characters are, but I swear I either had the book read to me or read it myself. So, I’ve thought about it for a while last night and some day before. I was able to go to sleep, but I still desire to know what the hell that book was/is. I do know that the book was colorful and vibrant, but other than that I can’t remember much else.

I mind was so hyperfixated on that book for no reason other than wanting to know why the story behind it was and if that book still exist today. I have a feeling it the type of book you can’t find ANYWHERE in this country.

So, yeah, that is what I dealt with last night. What about you though?
Have you ever dealt with this? It does NOT have to be traumatic and something you rather not mention that too personal. It can be like what I endure, trying to remember a children’s book for whatever reason or something along those lines.

Thoughts and feelings?




I had a memory of a toddler tearing up a paper plate and eating it like you would spaghetti-by-fingers. Only memory I have of my deceased sister.

I’m CERTAIN it’s not real, but it’s a real-feeling memory. But even if it was, who would remember something like that, considering what kids regularly eat?


Wow. Ate paper like it was spaghetti? Geez!

The thing with me is that knowing what the title of the book is, who the characters are, and what the book is about won’t change much other than me finally getting an answer.

That’s the problem that my mental health brings, it lead me down a vortex of nonsense and leave me wonder what’s real and what’s not.

Anyway, I have a strong feeling that I read the book or something. I am a bit concern that I might not get the answer because I don’t know what to look for and my memories can only take me so far back.

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There’s psychotic disorders that present like ADHD or might be a comorbidity, but unless there’s a chronic issue of hallucinations, I’d not look deeper into that. Just like there’s an overlap in hearing voices in your head and Bipolar.

Even after all these years, I’m certain that we don’t know what the hell we are doing.


Yeah, I’ve been lost in a space of my mind and it’s been an annoyance in so many ways.

Finding doctors to can help me is NOT easy still, so I am still looking and whatnot, but my goodness it’s a struggle.

Aside from that, I rather dive to deep into my mental health problems, I just need to hurry and get off this children’s book from a distant children memory.


I have a lot of false or modified memories, but that’s pretty much due to trauma. It’s hard for me to remember my childhood because so much of it never happened or didn’t happen the way I thought it did. I think the biggest reason it’s like that is because of my escapism coping mechanism. I’d day dream about a different life and then that’s what I’d remember instead of what really happened.


Good lord, this comment is how I feel sometimes! I often times wonder if I went through certain things in my life as I think I did.

Some things feel real while other times I can’t help but to wonder if it did in fact happen at all in my younger years.

It feels bizarre, like my whole life was more lies than truths.

You ever feel like that?


You know the book must have come out before a certain time period, so why not try googling for popular kids books of that decade? Maybe if you see a familiar book cover or character it will trigger memories of something else that was important. We have every memory we’ve ever had locked in our brains somewhere, every one of us, but our brains only seem to let us remember those things if it’s really important. Maybe this one is a key to something significant? ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


All the time, friend. All the time.


It’s crazy how our minds work like that.


The human mind is a very strange thing.


I have prophetic dreams, but they prophecize the most mundane of life’s occurances. Oh, i’m throwing away a coffee cup near a certain store? I’m feeling Deja Vu!


I have a very vivid and distinct memory that didn’t happen at all.

My grandma had a trampoline outside her house and lives up in the mountains, very rural with a lot of land about 15 mins from the nearest store, give or take.

My memory is walking outside and looking over towards where the trampoline was. I see my uncle jumping on it, and then hear this loud horrible noise. I turn and see an airplane flying wayyy too close to the ground. It zooms up near the trampoline, my uncle ducks, falling onto his stomach with a surprised look. The airplane zips up and hits some trees, breaking off the top of one before disappearing.

I swore, for the longest time, that this actually happened but recently brought it up to my uncle and he had zero recollection of it, bamboozled by my description. I feel like something happening like this is far too memorable to be forgotten, so I believed him.

Either way, now I realize it was just a dream, but when I look back it still feels very real.


Ahh sorry I didn’t read this carefully enough!


I have. And then I asked my parents because they were involved in my memory. They clarified that the one memory I had was a mixture of two separate days. For some reason, my mind put them together as two significant moments in my life at two and half years old.

It’s also my earliest memory.


As for doubtful memories, like, did this REALLY happen type of memories…


Idk if I have any. I tend to tell my parents about things I remember and oftentimes they tell me I have a really good memory. I would remember things they think I didn’t remember happening.

I guess that’s because I’m always watching what’s going on around me :stuck_out_tongue:


I only have two moments where I’ve felt like this.

This is a lighter moment.

There was this Halloween picture book that rhymed, and we used to own it but of course, we all outgrew it and it got thrown away or something. But I’ve been wanting to find it again and haven’t been able to. I don’t remember much from it, other than the ending where it shows these two kids sneaking (or running?) downstairs on Halloween night to look at a Jack O’lantern on their porch, and then my mind goes blank. Everything I come across is not the book I’m looking for. I’ve actually started to wonder if I really did read it or if it’s my mind mixing up other stories.

And a somewhat darker moment.

I have a scar on the corner of my eye, and I have no idea where it came from. It’s been there my entire life.

I have a plausible idea of what may had happened which would’ve been my dad throwing glass at my mom during a fight I was watching when I was three (as this is the memory), and it shattered and cut me, but they both deny this (saying he’d never thrown glass or other things at her).

Either, that is a lie—or perhaps, due to old age, they just don’t remember—or it’s a made up memory, or it’s distorted. Like, maybe someone did throw glass toward my direction, but it wasn’t who I think it was. :thinking: