We are a community for writers, readers, and artists and we are looking for more members.

The Cogitatio Realm is a community for writers, readers, and artists on Discord and Wattpad. However, we have members not just from Wattpad but from other platforms as well.

❃ Are you struggling to find readers for your book?
We have Library where you can share your story. Rooms for read-for-read activity, beta reading room, with custom roles.
Author corners: personal room just for your works, with this role your works will be advertised on the server, and our Wattpad, Instagram profile as well.
Book of the month program with which your book can get a shout-out on the server.

❃Are you a new writer and need help with your story?
We have rooms for sharing your writing, room for writing help, and tips. Custom roles included. We have two book clubs as well, with which you will get feedback on your work.

❃Are you an artist and you want more exposure to your work?
We have share your art room, as well as help/tips for artist’s rooms.
Artists corners: personal room for your art, where you can make covers; banners, etc for books or just share your art in general. With this role, your works will be advertised on the server, and our Wattpad, Instagram profile as well.

❃Or maybe you want to read some fresh stories?
Like we said above, you can find stories to read from our Library and there are plenty of Authors in various genres which have their own corners here. You, as the reader, can follow them as well.

❃Or maybe you just look for friends?
We have active staff and 300+ members on the server all we need is you if you are up for new friends and use all tools we offer.

❃Additional activities we offer:
We have writing and art contests. Currently, we are hosting Halloween-themed contests.
Movie streams, we watch movies together each weekend, to relax and it’s a fun way to spend time with people as well.
A few bots for music, fun, and writing.
Room for sharing your social profiles, we follow our members on Wattpad and Instagram for support.

If any of this looks good for you join us at The Cogitatio Realm from the links below!

Our Discord
Our Wattpad
The Cogitatio Realm Community Guide
The Cogitatio Realm Book club
Our Instagram

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How do I know that this is a community that is fun to be in. I was in one before, it felt that everyone got along well except me.

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I understand that because I have been in similar situations before. Majority of people find that one server/community which they call home and the only way to do it is actually looking for a place where you feel good and find common interests with people.


I will try. But my expectations are low.

Fair enough :thinking:

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