Weird but interesting sounding food and beverages...that are a bit fictional.

I am going to list a bunch of different food and drinks from off of a site called FantasyNameGenerator by selection. What I want you guys to do is rate each of them or at least one of them on how bizarre, interesting, tasty, or yucky it sounds.

I shall go first.

My Turn:

Food: Sauteed Rice and Alligator.
Drink: Rum Cider.

I shall start off small then work my way up.
What about you?

Never tried Alligator before, but I’ve heard it’s an acquired taste. Rice can complement pretty much anything.

Not the best of mixes.


Sweet Meat Kabob

Sugared Heart (an ice-cream flavor I made up for my story. It is how it sounds. Sugared heart blended down and then frozen. Yummy, right?)

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Wait, did you find that on

No, I used food items from my fantasy story. Hope that’s okay! I can generate them from the fantasynamegenerator if you’d like :slight_smile:

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That actually sounds tasty.

Sounds like some overly sugary drink. LOL!

Yes, please.
I shall go again. Give me a sec.

Sounds good! I’m actually in the process of editing my menu for the fantasy story, so maybe this will give me some incentive to get creative rubs hands together

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It has got to have that gamey taste to it I bet.

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Awesome. I shall return with another one.

Food: Barbecued Salted and Peppered Quail.
Drink: Coconut Espresso.

Try this one!

I’ve eaten quail before, it’s not bad. Barbecuing it sounds like it would be interesting, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t taste bad.

Sounds like my kinda drink.

Mine (also should say most items will be sweet):

Meatloaf Cake

Pomegranate Spice Coffee

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Now, this sounds interesting.

Yum, Sugar! LOL!

Isn’t quail a type of bird? So, did it taste like chicken or it’s own thing?

Food: Thermal-cooked apples and walnut venison.

Drink: Peach Cobbler Soda.

Here’s another one.

It’s a type of bird. I believe they are very alike to chickens, although if I’m remembering right I believe they’re smaller. They’re mainly served in, like, high-class dishes I suppose you’d call them. Spiced with herbs and usually served with this fancy mashed potato thing that spins upwards.

Hm. I’ve eaten cooked apples before with caramel, but not walnut venison. Walnuts are used to season a lot of meats, so I don’t suspect it would be terrible. Thermal cooked apples, though? Yuck.

I do not care for peach cobbler at all, but out of all the soda ideas, it’s not the worst I’ve ever heard.


Caramel Dressed Sweetbread with Fruit Filling

Chunky Chocolate Slug

I kinda figured that quail was more geared toward fancy dishes.

I did that to throw you off. LOL!

It sounds really sweet. LOL!

I got a weird cavity because of this. LOL!

I bet that is like some chunky chocolate milk or something.

Food: Cherry and white wine souffle.

Drink: Tropical Tremor.

Lol, it did, took me a minute to think on that one.

Sweet bread is made from sweet meat (heart, stomach, intestine, etc), so I suspect there’s some savory aspect to it, though the caramel glaze probably overrides the taste a bit. I’ve heard sweetbread is really good, though I think it’s more a common Middle Eastern dish.

Indeed, it’s very thick, but the customers love it!

That’s a lotta wine, haha.

Sounds like a drink you’d order at a rave bar. Tropical Tremor gets you drunk enough to cause the tremors.


Sugared Fries with strawberry dipping sauce.

Blizzard Oatmeal Expresso

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Probably my last one, I gotta blast off soon!

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Wow, I bet that taste sweet as all hell. LOL!

This one piques my curiosity. I don’t think I can ever brave enough to try it, but it does seem interesting.

Hopefully this thread will still be around. Come back again later.

Food: Basted Cinnamon & Thyme Pheasant.

Drink: Peppermint Twister.