What are prisons/jails like in your fictional worlds?

Read and answer each carefully:

Depending on the crimes, what are sentencing normally like for the criminals? What crimes are deemed heinous and what crimes are deemed petty? Is there a character in your story that has went to prison/jail for a certain crime? Are there prisons/jails for different age groups/genders/races/etc?

Tell me, everything you can about the prison life for each prisoner? Are they forced to deal with constant torture and to be treated worse than slaves? Are some prisons worse than others in terms of how prisoners are treated and how terrifying the place is overall?

I want to know everything about your fictional world’s prisons/jails.
Thoughts and feelings?



I want to hear it all from you on your fictional prisons and jails!


The system in my book is very similar to 18th century France: the guillotine for nearly everything, especially if you’re an aristocrat. As for the prison itself, it’s a medieval tower prison, like a dungeon. (⊙.⊙(-̶●̃ₒ●̶̃)⊙.⊙)


I have a separate prison city for all my characters and there is a massive jail called NSPS where they all go. Prisoners who have finished their sentences can stay and live there, and get guaranteed jobs.


Holy shit! That is similar to my prison in terms of size. My prison was once a small-ish kingdom that fell to ruin and has become an entire prison for the worse criminals in the world.

Only thing is many people don’t leave from that place, unless a miracle is pulled out of some god’s ass or something.


Jail under jail for MoaL. The wolf jail is under the city jail.


This is still in the very early stages of development for me so I have no idea :rofl:


I haven’t built any jails yet, but I do have a POW camp. The people who built the camp are the aggressors in this conflict, but they see themselves as bringing harmony and better technology and forward thinking to a nation that suffers under a strict theocracy. (This is important, because it keeps them from just straight up killing the main character.)

The prisoners, on the other hand, see them as invaders trying to destroy their religion.

The camp itself is relatively small, hastily constructed, and dirty. I haven’t really explored it much, except that my main character has lice, so if anyone has any ideas about the internal structure of the guards and stuff.

I mostly only know that it’s hot and arid, and the main food is boiled amaranth.


Kind of terrifying. What kind of guaranteed jobs?


Very interesting. Prison Kingdom.

:smiley: They are left to rot? Cute! :stuck_out_tongue:

Jobs related to running the prison, and jobs inside of the prison. And also jobs related to housing ex-cons. And if they can’t find work, they are sent to dig holes and plant cacti on minimum wage everyday until they find something else.


I saw somewhere that the guillotine was invented to be a more merciful method of execution than the previous method, having a person chop off your head with a sword. A headsman might need several swings to fully decapitate you.

I think, during the Reign of Terror, people started to speculate that you could live for a couple of seconds after death. One person, when sentenced to death, told his friend that he would try to blink as many times as possible after the blade fell. I can’t remember how many times he managed to blink. Something like twelve or eighteen or something.

In your book, do they use the guillotine because they see it as brutal or merciful? Or do they see it as efficient? Or do they value the spectacle?


A vast majority of the prisoners are immortal or just have extended lifespans than the average human but aren’t immortal.

They have no choice but to “rot”.

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Are cacti the staple crop? I’ve never had them. Have you? Do they taste good? The internet says they taste like asparagus and okra.

I like that your prison uses the prisoners to maintain it’s own infrastructure. That’s neat!


Ooooooh. If they’re immortal, do they have to eat? Or are they just left together to starve but not die, because immortal?

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Yeah, horrid prison food twice in a while. Mostly they all endure horrible, and agonizing torture on a daily basis in various different ways.

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That sounds awful. Are there different tortures based on severity of crime?

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Yeah…sadly yeah.

Think Divine Comedy if it was a location/prison.


I read that too! Probably on Wikipedia, but might’ve been elsewhere.

Argh! Omg how awful, but I believe it. (უ‸ლ)

They view it as brutal and efficient, and would probably sell tickets to let the public watch it. This particular condemned prisoner would’ve been executed only in front of the king’s guards, however. Except the execution never happens because he escapes. ٩(˘◡˘)۶

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By the way, this is 760 words from a jail scene.

We continued down the hall towards the back wall. Instead of an open jail cell, much like the one I stayed in, this was an enclosed wall with a door. It had some sort of freaky pad that looked like it would scan a freckle off your buttocks.

Though why there would be an ass scanner without a proctologist bothered my poor distracted mind.

Nathaniel placed his hand on the pad and the door unbolted with a hiss, sucking air in with it. This area was much brighter. It was so large because some wolves had hands too big for a regular scanner. I felt a little stupid for not getting that immediately. Fangirl forgot to fangirl.

This set-up made me wonder why I was in such a dank area when they could have placed me in more sterile conditions.

It made more sense when I saw Maverick. He was strapped down to one of those beds they rotate for robotic surgery. The bands were woven steel overlapped in a stratified silver-lead blend. He did have clothing on, protecting his skin from direct contact.

This was a torture chamber. Books note how miserable a prison is, but if you’re trying to torture a wolf—a nocturnal, denning creature—bright lights are more painful to endure. Several of our own pack wound up needing to get “prescription glasses” to wear sunglasses at school after they shifted. Humans are better as day creatures. That we are technically the same thing doesn’t hold up to what actually is painful to each of us. It’s why the old saying every cloud has its silver lining is a Murphy’s Law or ill omen for a werewolf.

The lamp over Maverick’s head had to be pounding into his eyes when he opened them. He almost looked well-rested with his eyes closed. There was no hint of his weakened state, save his modest beard was unkempt. If this is what my mate will look like in 2 decades, sign me up. (That thought spared Nathan. As I said, getting better about not projecting.)

“You didn’t have to come in here drenched in sex, son.”

I thought he was asleep, and I should have known better than to believe Nathan when he said that this would be…normal. Ugh.

“We’re not here to see Maverick, let Loki out.” I could feel the power radiating off of Nathaniel as he spoke. The thing is, if you’ve never sat through two powerful Alphas trying to exert their will over each other—it’s not a pleasant experience. They siphon energy from the very air around them when it gets well beyond a simple command. Compared to me, there’s been hardly anything used because on some level I want to bend to Nathan’s will—always have. Not so with his father: his weakened but very experienced and trained father. Even chained, they were at a stalemate.

I meant to mutter about stubborn old coots, but out slipped “apokalýpste ta mátia sas”—don’t ask me, I don’t know what it means.

Both of them stopped to look at me. Maverick spoke first. “If the Goddess wills it, I will.”

That freaked me out, so I fought against the second urge, but it came out. “allagí taktikís”.

Maverick’s face looked grim, as he looked into my eyes intently. “Do you know what you said, girl?”

“She’s not here to answer…” I placed my hand on my mate. Instant dampening of aggression—amazing stuff. Ever wanted to see an aggressive man just curl back into himself and shift from wanting a fight to thinking about a cuddle? Mates have some strange properties. I waited for him to nod at me. Now wasn’t the time to get into petty arguments, anyway. Not with what I wanted out of this. “No. But apparently you did. Care to tell me about it? Or can I speak to Loki?”

The former Alpha shook his head at us. “Ah, this would be so much easier if wasn’t tied down.”

He squirmed a little before lunging forward to strain against straps that had no budge.

It’s hard to describe. He went from this mild-looking but massive man man, much like his son, to devouring everything that surrounded him. A blonde Lou Ferrigno, slightly furred instead of green, teeth sharpened and the bare hint of a muzzle. The bands now bit into his flesh. His voice held a bit of that sepulchral tone of Ted Cassidy, “You rang?”

This would be so cool if it weren’t scary as hell, and we weren’t desperate.


I don’t know exactly how the jail system works in Elgana.

Here are the things I do know.

  • Sorcerers are stripped of their magick using a special device (how? idk) and prisoners can run free in the Jail Ring unless they committed some really horrible murder and are deemed dangerous to society.

  • The Jail Ring is really a part of the planet that was occupied before by a civilization and then it was abandoned. I don’t know how much of the world is used for the jail and how much is still unoccupied. I do know there’s a deadly forest called the taiga which is modeled off the harsh forests in Russia.

  • I don’t know how the really bad people are treated.

  • I do know there’s a bridge people can’t cross which leads to the police port. The bridge will detect the trackers that people wear around their necks or ankles.

  • The life sentence Humans have made a community for themselves there because why not? They’re going to die on the jail ring anyway.

  • Not sure if all races have a “life sentence” sentencing.

  • Depending on the race, there are some things that aren’t considered a crime. Races are taken in by their own systems first before being sent to the Jail Ring if they need to go there. Sometimes they go to the Jail Ring to await trial if the crime is considered to be a big case.

  • I don’t think teens who get in trouble are put in jail. I think they’re probably put in a police holding area in their local areas.

MC Cypur from Lone Gold, Daring Purple goes to jail when he was framed for murder. But he went there only to await trial, so he wasn’t put on heavy watch. Still, all Sorcerers get their magick stripped, so they can’t teleport away or do anything to harm other races. Cypur finds it incredibly inconvenient to be without magick. He’s taken in by life-sentenced Humans.