What are some "what-if's" that you have in your story?

Go on tell me. I shall return shortly with more to say.


What if my characters never became immortals? :eyes:
What if the gods never chose who they chose? :eyes:
What if the characters actually stuck to the code of non-interference? :eyes:


These are really good!
You got the gist of what I was getting at.

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Yay :joy: But I have had to do this sort of question before so it was easy :joy:

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What if my MC’s estranged father is estranged for a magical reason?
What if the bird is not a bird?
What if the cat is not a cat and the butler is not human?
What if portals appearing in New Sollei has a specific reason?


What if dragon riders existed as a form of aerial military?
What if the Father God lied?
What if the MC gets everything she ever worked for and wanted, and is still not happy?

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What if?

Begging is for Losers:

What if I’m not this guy’s mate? I’m knocked up, this child will be pack, but he could have a Goddess-ordained mate out there who is my competition. I wanted out of this town so badly?

That’s the one in the surface that she has to face, but the other what-ifs are things that are dumped on her, like:

What if my whole life is a lie?
What if I volunteered for the things I don’t want any part of because I was an avid worshipper of the Goddess?
What if I had to lead this pack without my mate?
What if I would normally be some sort of rare trophy that wolves would fight over, except my evil mom does it better, and the pack babysitter does it strong, making me one of 3, and not the most prized, yet still a trophy that has to be protected?

The thing is that this sucker was a 3 part story and I didn’t deliniate the first two parts and never finished the second, so I desperately will need the rewrite to fix all this. Lol


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These comments are really good. Thanks for answering guys!

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Actually, I can’t. Not until I’ve written it :stuck_out_tongue:

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what if i weren’t a lazybones and actually wrote the story :thinking:


That’s not what I had in mind, but whatever…


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Thanks for the ‘oohs’ haha.

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No problem!

So, I gotta know, who is this Father God person or entity or whatever?

Hahaha–I’ll try to summarize, but it’s all still in development, so bear with me ESPECIALLY with the sciency stuff, lmao.

So, basically, magic once existed within every society and every person. Magic was attached to the environment and functioned much the same way as an atmosphere. Everything was changed when a huge asteroid’s broke through, destroying much of the world, but also breaking the atmospheric balance between magic and the earth.

This meant that magic became wounded and turned into a corrupted force. Whenever someone used magic, it injured them mentally and physically until that person died. So, the logical conclusion would be to stop using magic–right? Wrong. Because not using magic also impacted the mental health of the user.

This result ended in two ways: People continued to use magic and died. People didn’t use magic and turned insane. The world was dying, the world was at war, and people didn’t know what to do.

Meanwhile, up in the heavens, the original Father God–who was the God of Magic–had also felt this horrible corruption and he basically met his end by fading away into a thousand butterflies. It was great; however, he left his position as the ‘ruler of all gods’ empty.

Thus, all the Gods decided to hold candidacy and vote on which one of them would acend the throne. All diplomatic, really. But they couldn’t decide.

Back on earth, humanity was at near extinction. Hundreds of years had passed, and no one was there to save them. Some even started to beleive Gods didn’t exist, and their entire purpose was to waste away until eventually dying and becoming nothing. It was a grim, horrible life.

Until Typhal.

Typhal still believed in the Gods and believed that if he petitioned the right God/Goddess for a miracle, then it would be granted. So, he went to the tallest mountain, got down on his knees, and prayed to the God of Truth, to grant him wisdom and honesty as to how to end the problem the world was facing.

Zariel, God of Truth, answered his call and gave him basilis which is another word for ‘incomprehensible truth’. With basilis Typhal was able to create a device that blocked the magical interference in the body. Ultimately meaning magic could not be used but it’s non-use would not have an impact on the person.

(this also came with a fair amount of Zariel convincing Typhal magic was always evil and would always be evil, which led to many more problems esp. in the modern world where this story takes place).

Thus, Zariel saved the world and all the other Gods, who had been trying to fix the problem on earth, were impressed by him. His leadership qualities beforehand were also of note, and so, he ascended to the role of Father God.

Thing is that this despicable gross mf actually orchestrated the destruction of the magical atmosphere. You see, Zariel was born alongside his sister, Tempora. Zariel was branded the ‘god of truth’ why his sister was branded the ‘god of lies’. And so, they fates were sealed.

Problem is they got it wrong. Zariel is the god of lies, and Tempora the goddess of truth. Tempora’s locked in a box somewhere, so she’s not of much help.

Another version of this included Zariel (already exiled) somehow speaking with Typhal and convincing him he wasn’t the fabled ‘god of lies’. Typhal freed him, and in return Zariel saved the world while also convincing the other Gods (who branded him a liar and locked him in a box) of his story. Thus, his ascension to Father God happened.

Both ideas have their problems, lmao.

And… that’s basically it, haha. Sorry if some of it is confusing, or not making sense. Like I said, it’s a work in progress.

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Good question!

What if my MC overcomes her personal demons and confesses her past love?
What if she falls in love again?
What if the person she once loved never reciprocated it?

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It is a smidge confusing, but overall interesting. I really dig the worldbuilding here
Very nice.

Thank u! It’s still in the early beginning stages, this is like the fetus lol. But thank you for asking and allowing me to speak about it.

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