What are things you can’t stand about people—particularly when it comes to your job?

And you’re not allowed to tell them off all that often.

I am not the architect. Please stop asking me to draw/update/provide house plans and elevations for you. That is the architect’s job.

And I am not the architect.


Depends on the library tbh.

computer illiteracy isn’t really that uncommon. you might’ve grown up in a community that had access to computers, but lots of people don’t. And like, it might be frustrating to have to walk some guy through opening google, but imagine how much more frustrating it is for the guy who has to be walked through opening google.

apologizes in anxiety


I also work in a Library so I know EXACTLY what you mean… but honestly those aren’t even the ones that irk me, because I can empathise with those situations.

The kinds of people that GRATE on my nerves, are the people who are unnecessarily rude.

So, for context: We were short staffed because it was our managers funeral, and there were only 3 of us in that day plus security, and at that particular moment in time I was alone on the desk and I had one other colleague on the floor with me dealing with another customer.

The library is busy, theres a line at the desk. This woman comes up to me and is like ‘I need help printing’, I’m like okay sure here are your options. (We use a 3rd party printing service that allows you to print straight from your phone, or you have to log on to one of the library computers which requires a Library card.) She says, ‘Okay I’ll try to print from my phone.’ The instructions are written very clearly next to the printer, I show her and say ‘ask a member of staff if you have any issues’

I go back to the desk to deal with the next customers, and there’s someone who wants to sign up to the library. Now the process really only takes 5ish minutes, but this person is signing themself and their partner up so it takes double the time because I have to check both their ID’s, proofs of address etc. So whilst I’m with these customers, literally in the middle of signing them up printer lady comes back and is like ‘It’s not working, I’m just going to log on to the computer.’

Goes away to the computer, comes back a few moments later ‘Did you do something, it’s not logging on.’ I tell her we have really old shit computers, that she just has to be patient. She’s getting irritated and getting an attitude like ‘I need this for a doctor’s appointment, and I’m late’ (I’m still dealing with the LINE of customers at the desk)

I tell her ‘Mam, i understand that but i’m doing the best I can. If you need extra help, you can wait for my colleague to come back and he will help you out.’ She gets huffy.

coworker comes back and helps the lady, then comes back to the desk sayign that she was kind of rude. Anyway, she got her printing and then she thanked him as she was leaving, avoided eye contact with me as she went.

This is just 1 out of a great many examples. I’ve had someone accuse me of being racist because I told them that we no longer offer the service they were looking for, another guy who insinuated people like me (not white) were looking for hand outs because we have a Black, Asian, and Minority ethnic Shelf. Some guy walk out on me mid sentence (snatching back his ID) muttering a ‘I don’t have time for this’ when I told him his best option for printing was to sign up for a library card to log into the computer because his phone didn’t work.

So I will gladly deal with the little old folks who struggle with the computer, or the mentally unwell people who come in for a place to sit ect. before I willingly deal with the entitled, rude people that act like you owe them something because you work as part of a public/community service

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anyways, my turn to complain lol. much like J.L.O. i also hate people, so this list could go on for a while, but i’ll try to limit it to general stuff.

First of all, entitlement. I don’t know what it is about hotel guests in particular but I’m not kissing your ass and I can’t magic things into existence. If other guests have hidden all the luggage carts inside their rooms, I can’t bring you a luggage cart. Also yes you have to have a credit card and pay a damage deposit, you have to do that at every hotel and I know you’re not a super special regular guest because I can see all the times you’ve stayed here in the last decade and that number is zero. And if someone else sets the alarm clock in your room to midnight, that’s on them for being a little shit and on you for not checking it in the first place, because I’m not psychically linked to the fucking alarm clocks. No, you may not have a refund.

Second of all, stupidity. I understand that you’re tired, but yes, the buttons on the thermostat will adjust the room temperature.

Third of all, press the clearly labelled service bell or perish. I can hear you drumming your fingers on the countertop, but fuck you for not pressing the bell. I’m staying in the back where you can’t see me until you press it. This is my pet work peeve and I will nurse it until i die.

and if you whistle i will come over the counter and staple your tongue to a bottle of hand sanitizer. I’m not a dog.

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I mean we’re not bookless per say… but are defintiely a bootleg livbaray at this point. I get people asking us if our library is going to be shut and i’m like…‘no but at this point i wouldn’t be surprised if they have decided to and didn’t tell us’

I mean if there’s anything I’ve learnt from one of my colleagues who does exactly this, is that even though he’s not well liked by certain members of management they won’t actually do anything to him because he will just as quickly call them out too. On the flipside he has been in the service for like nearly 2 decades or something like that.

Also I’m with you. I worked as an agency staff member at different bars at sports and concert events and it was the WORST. Some customers are just :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And you know it’s BAD when other customers are apologising or trying to comfort you because of their behaviour.

That sounds completely awful oh my goodness. I do remember seeing a lot of articles a while ago about how elderly folks, and thier carers were being abused in these kinds of places it makes me sick just thinking about it… I’m so sorry you had to deal with that.

I’m sensing a trend here i fear…

I think people get it twisted…maybe we should just tape a sign to our foreheads: ‘Just because I work in this service, does not mean I am your personal servant.’

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People who interrupt me when I’m already helping another customer. I understand if you’re asking about the bathroom or if it’s a quick question, but don’t come at me with “Can you help me look for this?” and “I need to get this.” Get in line, I got a queue and you’re not the current nor next one up.