What are Your Writing Goals for 2022?

I don’t use the word “Resolutions” because we all know that those get broken pretty quickly after the start of the new year.

But I’m curious about the goals other writers have set for themselves for this year.

Is it to write a certain number of words?
To improve in a certain area or in general?
To gain a certain number of readers?
To get published (self or traditionally)?

Please let me hear what you’ve set as a goal for this year!


Ah, more wishes upon a star than goals:

—250K reads on any book of mine, or steady 50-100 views per day across 3 of my biggest books
—finish current book & decide on the next one
—ONC novella that is actually a novella & longlist
—2 books entered in Watty, shortlist on one :pray:
—keep learning till I can write a book people can’t put down


Very auspicious! I hope that you make at least some of them come true!

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Thank you! If only the last one comes true, the rest will follow :sweat_smile:

Finish the 2 books closest to being done. Work on something I love for once?


To at least finish a novel once in my damn life…


For sure! And never stop learning either, because then we stagnate!

Interesting… What do you love that you’ve not been able to work on?

You can DO EEETT!!! :slight_smile: Have faith it will happen!


Just to finish at least one book tbh


Oh I guess I didn’t put up my goals for this year.

I want to finish writing Michael: Relations before summer
Publish Tales of Victor Sierra (a collection of three horror/supernatural novellas) sometime this fall
Expand my writing into areas outside of my current universes
Resurrect and finish Seraphim and Onyx. (a Sci-fi/Fantasy/mythology blend)
Be more active around the forums and network more.


That is an attainable goal! All the best for reaching it!!

Good luck with your goals as well, particularly exploring the new verses. For me it’s the biggest joy of writing after being heard.

Yeah, I’ve got one universe where I tend to dwell (it’s supernatural/post apoc and the characters are really long lived, so I have tons of fodder), but I want to stretch my writing chops and write other kinds of stories with new characters. I kinda sorta did it with Tales of Victor Sierra but it’s still same universe. :confused:
I’ll get there.

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that i finish my novel LMAOOO it was supposed to be finished last year



Mood… so mood. I’ve had so many times where I start off blazing hot and then peter out or get stuck on a part of the story. Transitions A.I.R.?

All the best for getting past the hurdle and getting where you want to go with the story!

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Fantasy/Scifi. Got something called the Assassin Journals, which is supposed to be 5 books and I want to get back to working on #4.

my main character’s been stuck in Velouria Center (the downtown) for a good month now bc honors physics has been kicking my ass

This is just me, but I can’t force myself to finish something just because it needs finishing. I really have to go where my muse takes me. So this is why I have multiple writing projects going all at once. That way if I get stuck on one, I have a fallback until I overcome that hurdle.

I hope you’re able to get back to it soon!

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