What can I name this story? I am stumped on a title

Essentially, the story takes place in a world where there is a global caste system. The caste system separates people by their different colored hair and eyes. Our heroine is a girl with rainbow hair and eyes living in both somewhat small town and world where she just doesn’t belong. She is the only one of her kind. Now, the girl was befriended by a boy who she considers a brother/best friend, but he left the town a month before she could tell him a certain truth about herself. The girl decides to leave her town to seek him out and reunite with him. However, she is discriminated again by people in the outside world as well. Meanwhile, the brother/friend is siding with a bunch of rebels who would love to shatter the world they live in and bring forth some type of anarchy. The girl is dealing with both inner and outer conflict as she searches for her brother/friend who in return is searching for her as well.

I originally wanted to name this story Rainbow Panic, but that sounds well weird to me.
Got any ideas, peeps?!

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Rainbow Panic does sound extremely weird, like a manga title that doesn’t translate well.

“ROY G BIV Affect”

“Unfolding Spectrum of a Misfit”


I like those two suggestions. They are really good. :slight_smile:


Rainbow Panic has major Anime style to it.

I was thinking Rainbow’s Division.


There’s also the option of:

*Rainbow’s Shadow"

Which is funny because, this is a CASTE system society, and rainbows don’t CAST shadows. If she was going to have far-reaching consequences and upheaval to her world, this would be an apt name, as it’s about the might of her reach and what she changes.


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