What direction would you take this story? [Poll]

I have a few ideas for a story. There’s the general gist, but I wonder where I should go with it.

The general idea is a rich queer teenage girl named Amelia Salter spending the summer at a New England beach house. She’s an ambivert who had relationships with two girls over the two previous summers. That’s what stays in the story regardless of version.

Here are the options I have:

  • The Waves: This idea has Amelia meeting a boy named James and their relationship, which is complicated by the fact that one of Amelia’s summer lovers is also spending the summer at the same beach house as well as James’ little sister Rowan, who wants Amelia out of the way to have James all to herself.

  • Girls on the Beach: This story has Amelia meeting a girl named Rose, and the romantic relationship the two of them have.

  • Sun-Kissed Memories: This idea has Amelia remembering her time with both of her summer girlfriends, and involves her still being in contact with one of them. It focuses heavily on her memories of them.

  • The James Romance Story: This idea has a romance between Amelia and James, who is somewhat troubled in this version.

  • The Rowan Stalker Story: This idea has Amelia getting together with James much to Rowan’s chagrin, but with a thriller tone and more of a focus on Rowan’s stalking (it will likely switch perspectives).

  • Some combination of two or more of the ideas.

Which idea are you most interested in?

  • The Waves
  • Girls on the Beach
  • Sun-Kissed Memories
  • The James Romance Story
  • The Rowan Stalker Story
  • Some Combination of the Above

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I think it would be funny to have a little sister who is dead set on matchmaking.


Your first idea seems like it has a clear conflict and the most thought out plot


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