What do you do?(POLLS)

What do you do when you are really into your story and you are bothered by your loved ones trying to get you to do something?

  • Depending on who the loved one is, I will try to get things out of the way for them before I start writing.
  • Ignore them…at least until you are done.
  • Tell them I am busy and need to finish this part of my story.
  • I live completely alone so I do not have this problem.
  • Stop for a short break to help them out and hurry back into the writing zone.
  • Help them out but for next time I won’t be so willing to help out thus trying to get things done before I write.
  • Have another member of my family deal with the issue.
  • See, this is why writing at a certain time is crucial for situations like that.
  • Other(explain in the comments).

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Totally depends for me. If it’s my son, then I will totally put my writing down, but I only really write when he’s awake if I’m really needing to get it down (like I have a splurge of idea) or if he’s engrossed in something.

Otherwise, it really depends. If it’s my husband like “Babe can you get me some food?” I’ll tell him to wait till I’ve finished the sentence/paragraph. He’s usually pretty relaxed like that when I’m writing.
If it’s something important, I’ll always stop. My brain is quite good at remembering my train of thought when I’m in the zone, so I’m all right about it.
If he wants me to join him gaming/card game whatever, I’ll tell him to wait till I’m done with the paragraph, then if I feel like joining him, I’ll write down notes for next time.

I prefer to get stuff done before I write, but sometimes it’s just eh, whatever. My husband’s really good about my writing time, so I don’t usually have much trouble with this. I’m lucky

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So, you’ve mentioned that you only write when your son is awake, correct?
Forgive me if this comes off as rude, but is your son at the age where he would need your undivided attention at times?
Does it vary or no?

Your husband sounds like a pretty chill dude. I like how he respects your time to write and wait till you’re done.
You do seem pretty lucky.


Oh no I just worded that wrong, I only write when he’s asleep, but if I write when he’s awake it’s only when I have a really burning idea of a scene that I need to put down, or if he’s totally engrossed in something.
He’s also at preschool and starts school in September, so I have more free time at the moment.

I really am <3 We do a lot together, but he totally loves doing stuff apart like gaming etc, so he totally respects how important my writing is. He’s pretty great

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Ah, I understand now! That is totally fine!

Well, I’m glad for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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See, I’m a minor living with my parents. Anything other than option 5 is going to be unacceptable and get me hell later on XD

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Is option 5 the one where you ignore them until you are done or something else?
Kind of forgot. LOL!

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Ah nope, it’s where I pause writing and then write later

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Oh, I see.

I really should have numbered them. Oh, well. LOL!

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I’ve got 3 kids under 6. While I can and will tell them off for unnecessary dependency, they are still basically babies. I have to feed them, at the least. Lol

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While it can take me a bit to get back in the zone, I can usually stop whatever I’m doing and do something else and then go back later and ease into the zone again.

My sisters will usually want to spend time with me sometime in the afternoon or evening, depending on the day, and if I’m writing at that time and someone asks me if I want to go somewhere or watch an movie, I’ll just flip my laptop closed and go back it to later. My oldest sister, who probably has ADHD and will get stuck to her phone and actually zone out where she won’t hear you at all for five minutes, is always shocked when I can do this. :sweat_smile:

But a part of this whole distraction thing is why I prefer to write at night, or sometimes in the very early morning, because everyone is asleep and I don’t have to deal with that.


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