What human-animal hybrids live in your story?

I’ve created half-humans that are half foxes, or half leopards, or half lizards, or half black panthers, or half tigers, lions, polar bears… But nothing with hooves. So, I decided to create deer people inspired by fauns. They are deer nymphs that live in the south forests of Wodeland and have come to aid in the big boss battle.

So, what human-animal hybrids live in your story?


A lot of what I’ve dealt with in stuff I’ve got released is werewolves which mine are just humans with extra DNA and the ability to fold space.

But I deal with Lizard Elves, transforming dragons, halfbreed dragons, mushroom creatures, half-lizards full hominid lizards, in the King’s Three Sons I’ve got a human trapped as a cow, and a half-fey-crow haalf incubus in A Riding Need. I basically treat it as if they are human if they can think like a human.

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I spose the Southwest Wolves, lol. Human-wolf hybrids.

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Oh this is right up my alley!

In my gemutations stories I have several breeds of mutants.

My main focus has been on sharkmues (shark mutants)

But in my story there are also dolphimues and whamues

The third one behind the whamue is a “mech-splice” that despite being technically cyborgs, got lumped into the gemue category.

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Just casually mentioning some crazy ability here.

I see I still have world building to ask you about :wink: So, that’s not considered as magic?

Interesting :thinking: Don’t see many aquatic hybrids. So how did Sharkmues come to be?

It’s considered psychic powers so it’s about as magical as X-men. So, scifi and fantasy bleed into each other.

Basically, if it’s an innate ability that they do instinctively, you’ve got the argument for it not being magical, but a biological property.

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When the threat of global warming causing the seas to rise, the human race panicked and Scientists created programs to adapt humans to survive the flood. By the time they figured out that the rising waters weren’t going to be as bad as predicted, thousands had undergone the process. The first created were the mech-splices, the second were the dolphimues and whamues.
The latter two survived successfully and created their own subculture in the area oceans.
The sharkmues in my stories came well after the legal experiments were shut down. Tigershark, Angelina, Blue, and Bull all resulted from the same string of illicit genetic experiments.


That, is interesting :smile:

Thank you! I’m glad you think so!

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