What I need is a good balance of writing and talking.

I am talking about WriterTube.

I am gonna keep it strictly 100 because I am NOT qualified to be giving advice and helping people do good at writing. No, I don’t want people asking me for my advice and guidance on how to master writing. That is not why I am going to make a writertube channel. No. My channel will be me trying to show people into my writing world by giving them a good enough balance of writing and talking which some writertubers fail to do right.

Also, I am still nervous as hell showing my ugly mug to people on YouTube which is rather sad because I lack too much confidence. To be honest, people are going to judge no matter what you do or say. Humans are just judgmental and spiteful people by nature. You can’t change the world without changing yourself as some people say.

Anyway, I am going to do a few tests video of me talking about what’s to come in my future channel.

Another thing is that I am simply letting people know “hey, I love to write but I am not a know it all at the craft just someone who enjoys writing and chatting.”

I need to tell myself. Am I ready and prepared on a mental level.
Talking in front of a camera is so nerve wracking because of my confidence and fears. That is about to change now. I need to have fun with this because it is meant to be fun. Who cares what others think of me? I am doing this for me and anyone who likes my videos.

Will I write enough to become a published author someday? Nah, I am just writing for funsies because I can.

Any thoughts because I am tired of mentioning this and failing to fall through?

TL;DR: I am going to start a writertube channel where I am writing for fun and pure enjoyment without giving advice or guidance to other writers.


Authortube is a lot more passionate than Booktube-and cheaper to mantain.

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Really? I can see that I suppose.

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You can’t unhaul a book you’re writing!

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True. LOL!

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Lots of “Authortubers” have channels now where they do nothing but talk about their own projects and never give any instruction or advice, like Sara Lubratt and Kate Cavanaugh. They’re both very popular, and iirc I think they’ve both quit their jobs recently since they make enough money from YouTube that they don’t have to work 9-5 anymore.

You can do this thing! And when you talk about your books, it might make people interested in them so you’ll sell a lot of them when you finally publish. Good luck with it! ( ˆ◡ˆ)۶ ٩(˘◡˘ )


I am already subscribed to Kate, and I like her videos personally.

Thank you so very much. :blush:


Let me know when you drop your first vid, and I’ll have a watch.

Hey, this can only be a good thing for you. It will boost confidence too.



Thank you kindly!


You can definitely create a WriterTube channel without giving advice on writing. I’ve seen plenty of writers do this where they just do a simple vlog or sit-down chat video where they talk about their writing journey. Emily Bourne, Becca C. Smith, Kate Cavanugh, bytheBrooke are just a few examples of this.

And I do agree with @NotARussianBot where it is more passionate than BookTube, it seems.

And yes, let me know when your first video comes out!! c:


Again, you can’t unhaul a book you’re writing.