What I need is a title that can fit with the story...

I was able to chose something for my world of Alterra. Now, I just need a title for the story. I have to have a title of some sorts.

This is a general idea of the story:

A young woman has been selected to kill the planet’s monarch which will end up destroying the world with the help of two people who decided to join her for their own benefit. The young woman has till next year to find the others who are just like her and band together to take out the planet’s monarch during the third month which is the month of the blood moons. However, the young woman’s past is what really will cause the plan and everything to set into motion since the planet’s monarch is linked to it somehow. The two people who decide to help her are curious about her along with her motives. They might end up figuring out a way to stop her without her knowing it.

This is all I can muster up far as telling what the story is about. I didn’t want to reveal too much.
Anyway, that is all I got and I need a title. Nothing is coming to my mind at the moment.

Any thoughts?


I get you are excited but bumps aren’t necessary on the same day as the post as new posts are a seperate entity that drops down as an option.

But anyway: this title would be an old political stance on the expansion of a given government and all the rights unto that expansion, but:

Minifest Destiny

Would be a good working title until you have enough of it written out to have a better feel for the story.


Sorry about the bumping. Curse my impatience!

I shall hold that title in place till something comes to mind. Thank you kindly.

You just need somethingto save it under that is seperate from files on the world’s title.

I’ve got one called “A Kinder Children’s Tale” that was saved under Baby for the longest time.

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I am leaning towards Minifest Destiny more because it almost sounds like Manifest Destiny.


That works.

The miniature festival of destiny. Lol

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Cool! I’ll take it.

Destination : Apocalypse
Royal Apocalypse

? Just ideas

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These are pretty good.

I’ll add these to the list and decide from there.

Thank you.

Also Apocalypse: Monarch

These all have that ring you mentioned about world destruction and a royal individual;)

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On a side note: I am now conflicted on making this story in First Person or Third Person.

I want to use Third Person because of the worldbuilding and other characters. However, I have not written in first person in such a long time. Screw it! I am writing in third person. I’ll make another story better suited for first person.

Sorry, just a little venting and confusion, but I am done. LOL!

I prefer third and then you could sort of pop into other peoples heads AND not have to worry about how to write in a convo that the MC wasn’t there to hear.

I also find first person awkward, but better for suspense and angst. I’ve only written one story in first and I really have to watch my tenses and it doesn’t come naturally.

3rd all the way.

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Makes sense. I’ve decided to stick to Third Person anyway.

I’ll save First Person for some other story. Teehee!

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Is it too late to give an idea?
How about, taking from that summary,
Month of the Blood Moons

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NOTE: I have made changes to the plot a bit. My bad!

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