What if you were reincarnated as your most hated book character?

Is there any more of a nightmarish scenario?

If I was Travis Maddox, I’d have a much more tolerable personality and not be a toxic ass all the time.


What, Ignatius O’Riley? I couldn’t finish the book so I’d be clueless about what would come next in his story, but I’d quit screwing up job offers, first off, lose some weight (although since he’s in the New Orleans area, the food is spectacular).

At the time the story took place, my father would be about 3. Roughly 9 years later, he would be roaming New Orleans after catching a bus on his own. I’d be a fat white slob in the center of integration.

Ruby Bridges and Integration of New Orleans Schools | American Experience | Official Site | PBS.

I don’t even know how the book addresses it, but it’s not an era I’d want to be an ill-equipped adult in. I mean the Klan was still really active, then .

But since it’s supposed to be set in the real world, I could make a killing off the stock market.


This sounds like one of JLO’s mangas! (>‿◠):v:

Sheesh, I’ll have to think just which character I hate the most. Hard to narrow it down.


You totally could! At the end of the book Ignatius winds up going to New York to escape his mother, who’s trying to put him in an insane asylum.

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If I was superstitious, I’d be reading the cliff notes of that book, fast. Lmao


I have too many hated characters lol.


Ignatius O’ Reily sounds like the kind of name a japanese author would give to a nobleman in a Western-style fantasy world.


Pick the most recent one you can think of.

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Choose someone you can easily remeber.

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Luis from Spin me Right Round; he’s like Pissy, but stereotypically gay and even more irritating.

I would join the NFL team and get a scholarship to gtfo of the school.

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Can you imagine Pisstina being even more obnoxious, entitled, rude, manipulative AND narrating in the first person? :open_mouth:

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I would rather not

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D’oh! I can’t remember what order I read these books, but I guess this means I’ll be coming back as either Jonathan Livingston Seagull, the president’s son in Red, White & Royal Blue or maybe Ayla from Clan of the Cave Bear, in which case I’ll continue inventing everything from the wheel to the space shuttle, since she’s a mary sue with amazing invention powers.

Or I could come back as the main character in The Stranger by Albert Camus and hope I’d be born with empathy and the knowledge that killing people is a felony.

Or I could be virtually any character in The Lovely Bones, The Hate U Give or Tropic of Cancer. In the case of any of them, I’d simply do the opposite of everything they did. I wouldn’t commit any crimes or hang out with anyone who did, and I wouldn’t live in the gutter or be obsessed with sex or try to hurt anyone. I guess I’d have a really boring life! ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


i almost screamed when i realized i’d have to be jacob black from twilight.
pls no


You hate getting cuked?

And why Jacob and not Edwardo?

Jacob basically goes through the whole movie as a “nice guy”. His whole relationship with Bella is about give and take, even when it’s clearly not something she really wants or willingly gives (the weird blackmail kiss).

He also falls in love with a baby, which is gross, I can’t ever see him the same way.

Edwards toxic and gross, too, but something about Jacob’s lackluster character really irks me. As he (Jacob) presents Bella with the idea of agency not so thinly veiled behind his own wants and desires, not ever taking her feelings into account.



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Too many variables. Hard to prepare for.


Let’s go with that.


Well, I’d do it better than whiney whiney Alina.

Way better.

Spoilers ahead for people who have not read books 2 and 3 and gone through the torture like I did. Also, warning, I get salty :stuck_out_tongue:

For starters, I wouldn’t have a crush on Mal. We’d just remain as friends. Then I’ll hone my powers. Tell him exactly what’s going on to avoid any stupid unnecessary conflict. And when I runaway from Ravka to catch the deer creature, I will STAY away from Ravka and build an army instead of wandering the plains aimlessly.

By the time I have my powers in control, I would have figured out even more about my powers and revealed the thing about Mal earlier on. Why was that part about him not obvious? Why, if I have this power, would I not research more about it? Of course, I would. And I will not run after a pointless bird. And if some people want to worship me, I’ll let them and do it right. I’ll train them and feed them and make them my warriors. If I’m a character meant to be a leader, I’ll do it.

Not like Alina who was like “I hate the walls, I hate the food, I hate the people, I hate my life, oh woe is me.”

Then I’ll defeat the Darkling.

Then Nikolai would never suffer. I do like Nikolai and what happened was Alina’s fault. If she hadn’t been so whiney whiney about herself and her powers in the first place, none of this would happen. Then I’ll rule with Nikolai.

Better ending.

Oh, and I wouldn’t forgive Genya. I can’t believe I still remember her. What was her purpose in later books? Alina forgiving Genya did not make me like either of them more in any way. It was definitely a plot device to try to show that Alina can be forgiving. It wasn’t the right person to forgive though.

Anyway, I would be a lot more strategic and everything would turn out better. And the story will still be good. And light powers would be cool to have.