What is expected and what is the unexpected?

List something a reader of the type of story you are writing would expect and would not expect.

Example (Pure example/Totally Made up):

It is expected that Chrissie will not attend her father’s funeral in two days.

It is unexpected that Chrissie’s father is actually not dead but is in hiding pretending to be a dead man.

What about you?



Which genre I write in?

In Mini Moo:

Girl is DiFfErEnT. It’s expected, since she’s an American farm girl who isn’t into the highschool scene.

But the football playing male lead? He’s supportive and often says TheRightThingTM. Not because I was trying to write a good guy, but because he’s not the typical bad boy of a highschool drama.

Part of this is because he is based off my father, who wasn’t ashamed to be open with his wife and kids about feelings.

Begging is for Losers

This one is more in-line Wattpad Werewolves up until the 2nd part of the book.

The 2nd part is is kroe the psychology of the mind. 3rd is the Alpha’s thoughts about how she wrote him as the ML.

My fantasy goes all I’ve the place, but most fantasy focuses on 4 people for most the story, as that’s a basic D&D raid, but I tend to mostly follow 2 character around. My science fiction does 1-2 people, as well.


Any genre.

I guess I didn’t explain properly.


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It is expected that Celeste is a spoiled brat. It is not expected that her real name is Bethany and she does method acting her entire life to hide her real identity.

Although, idk if this counts because it’s revealed quite early on. I did that because Celeste is just so unlikeable, but Bethany is likeable mostly.


it is expected that my MC will eventually travel to hell

it is not expected that my MC will participate in multiversal wars


It is expected that you go back a page to choose a different path when you die in a cyoa.

It is not expected that your POV character remembers that death.

It’s expected that Nicolas will find the person he wishes to kill.

It is, however, not expected that he does not fulfill that and he becomes one of her slaves, turning into a vampire-like creature.

It’s funny.

I have a character that I gave that name, but I spell it “Nicholas” instead.