What is something that people believe to be true in your fictional world, but is not actually true?

The people of your fictional world, fictional country, and/or fictional city or even town believe there is something truthful about the world they live in, but the truth is that it is not true.

For example: Your characters believe that the gods that birth the world they live in stopped coming because the wanted to limit their contact with mortals. The truth could be that the gods aren’t permitted to return to the mortal world because they are already coexisting among the mortals, blending into their society by hiding who they are.

The true that they believe in could be anything, but the point is that the truth is nothing but a lie or some baseless rumor or whatever.

Explain what the truth and why the people still believe in it.
Thoughts and feelings?



I suppose I can share a little something.

Everyone believes that the Firstlings are the ones who created the universe and the world that everyone resides on and everything else. That is not even remotely true. The Firstlings are indeed divine beings, but they aren’t the creators, because they were spawn from a higher divine race of beings that existed LONG before the Firstlings. The name of the race is unknown at the moment, but the goddess Nirvana is a part of the race along with her twin sister Genesis.

Nobody knows about that, not even the Sovereign and their court. A few of the First Ones know the truth, but have been sworn to never speak on the matter.



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I honestly don’t know where you pull your great topic ideas from :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not very good at it.

Pinti believes that Kattalunae inside the Third Ring behind the poisonous wall (created by the shadow beasts) are the only Kattalunae left. All the stories and history points to that fact. But the thing is, it’s not true. What happened to all the Kattalunae during their battle against the shapeshifting shadow beasts wasn’t all recorded. Not every Kattaluna was captured by the Ilvagis. Some were able to escape and create their own mixed clan, surviving outside the third ring for decades, waiting for the one with strong lunar magick to come their way.

Below is a new thing I figured out for my story actually.

Fresh out of the noggin :stuck_out_tongue:

When Pinti leaves the Third Ring for the first time, she revels in the fact that she is the first one that has left in decades. The truth is, someone left before her and this Kattaluna knew more about lunar magick than she did. The truth is, those with strong lunar magick can touch the poisonous wall and live.


LOL! Aww, shucks! :blush:

That is interesting to know!
So, about the shadow beasts, what are their origins, and does it have any relation to the Kattaluna or pure coincidence? Is the Third Ring a dangerous place or not really?

I wonder who left before Pinti??? :thinking: :eyes:

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okay, so the Ilvagi Race lives in the Sixth Ring which is the most dangerous place on the planet. It’s made up of lava plains and volcanic activity galore. There’s no breathable air for all races of Elgana except Ilvagis.

They are the only creatures that can live there.

Their magick, shadow magick, is the counterpart to the Kattaluna Race’s magick, lunar magick.

Think of them as mortal enemies. Only lunar magick can counter shadow magick. Ilvagis saw Kattalunae as a threat and historically they have been fighting each other for centuries. One day, Ilvagis win the war and then take control of the Kattaluna Race, locking them in the Third Ring behind a poisonous wall.

If magick is not in use, it slowly dies. It’s like a muscle you need to exercise. Kattalunae slowly lose their magick.

Without the Ilvagis patrolling, without the poisonous wall, it’s quite safe. It’s just wilderness.

Hmm :smirk: She might meet him and he might be annoying as heck at first :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are they big and monstrous or something else? About the poisonous wall, what caused it to be poisonous? Was it always like that or not?

Very intriguing and I am curious to learn.

So, magick is something that needs to always be in use? Shadow magick and Lunar magick are somehow connected, huh? Did one come from the other in terms of the Kattalunae and the Ilvagis or not at all?

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Well, the only big thing would be the Forbidden Magics. Everyone thinks they’re forbidden because they’re bad. That’s just what the stories say. The truth is the magics are neither good nor bad. They merely have consequences when used :woman_shrugging:

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They are shapeshifters. They can be anything. But usually they look like a puff of black smoke with red pupilless eyes. Ooooh, sinister :stuck_out_tongue: But they’re not evil beings.

Oh it’s just poisonous to the Kattaluna Race. It’s made with shadow magick and Kattalunae have no way of combating that.

Maybe you’ll be interested in beta reading when I’m ready? :wink:

Yes, always, in some form or other. You don’t have to be doing big spells. Just anything. As long as you’re using it. It’s like that for any type of magick on Elgana. Thankfully, all races with magick use it in their daily lives for small things.

In a sense, yes.

All things on Elgana have a counterpart. The counterpart to shadow magick is lunar magick. The counterpart to Kattaluna is Ilvagi. The Kattaluna is said to be the first biped to walk Elgana. Lunar magick was created first. To balance out that powerful magick, an Ilvagi with shadow magick was created.

You might wonder who created it. Well, it was a natural occurence. If something too powerful is created, something to balance it out will be created. It’s how Elgana retains its balance.

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Im in the middle of editi g and finishing somethi g I should have done years back.

Begging is for Losers, which will become Memoirs of a Luna for the entirety of the series.

So: they beleive that the goddess gives mates (the ones that arent genrtic matches) for the stability of the pack system. Which is why abusive Alphas get a mate that challenges all they have done wrong. The whole point is to work things out for oack stability or be taken out. I have that set as a peak '80s issue. And it is true, but not for the characters in the story. They were chosen for darker reasons.

No, their pack was leveraged in a battle between “gods”, so people were lead to behave badly by god’s enticement. Basically, if your Goddess is pushing you to do evil, are you ultimately at fault? Type thing . Ultimately, a whole pack was sacrificed to save the world, and that has consequences on relationships.


the narrator of Current WIP believes that the story will happen a certain way because they foresaw it (they’re a powerful seer), but, in fact, the story can be changed.

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What people believe:
That Blackburne, the king of After, was the very first ghost to emerge in the afterlife and that he’s some monster-fighting badass who protects the ghosts of After from monsters and Crow, the prince of the monsters.

What’s actually true:

None of that.

that my MC is white lol i mentioned she’s a Taíno Native of the Dominican Republic with brown skin in the earliest chapters, I mentioned it a bit in the middle of the books, and yet people get all confused in the later chapters when it’s mentioned again and they’re like “Oh, i thought she was white :clown_face:

Pisses me off when I see comments like that.

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That is something that would drive me to drink and irk my nerves constantly.
I hate when you have to explain things like that constantly to people and they still don’t fucking get it.

Seriously, how much does a person need to explain things over and over? I don’t blame you for being pissed.

I have returned.

Pandora and many other Atlians believe that the Karish are evil and must be destroyed.

In a sense, they are, as they murdered thousands of Atlians in the war.

However, the truth is that it is the Atlians who are terrible. Not only did they banish the Karish from Atlia due to physical differences, but they also started the war against them and deprived them of their resources. But it wasn’t enough. They put all war blame on the Karish, labeled them murderous monsters, and deported them to the Abyss.

So, when the Karish come back for revenge, for them it’s not merely revenge, but their last fight for life.

MC Pandora will, unfortunately, learn this truth about her people being horrible to the Karish. Especially, her twin brother.